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  • Wolf Tactical

    Moved from Competitive Solution after Dissapointing results. 61.6% Increase in ROAS. 98.6% Increase in Sales, 116.3% Increase in Ad Sales.

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  • Auris

    Ad Optimization, Product Strategy. 60% YoY Growth. 153% Increase in Ad Sales.

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  • Major Enterprise Seller

    Advertising Optimization. Increased ROAS by 25% in 3 months. 140% Increase in Sales in 3 months.

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  • Bazillion Dreams

    Advertising Optimization and streamlined inventory process. 812% Increase in ROAS. 267% Increase in Sales.

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Average Increase in ROAS in First 3 months
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is so great about Copilot Pro?

First, unlike other PPC platforms that may increase your advertising spend without your knowledge and control, you control your budget and the automations.

Second, at a competitive price, you can harness the power of machine learning-driven automations, designed by a team led by MIT data scientists. Should you choose to upgrade to Premium Expert Management Services, that is always an option.

By leveraging these automations, you can save crucial time that you can use to otherwise expand your business.

Finally, no contracts or hidden fees. We’ve heard some horror stories of other PPC platforms who continue to charge you even after you cancel your contract with them - rest assured, this will not happen when you choose to partner with us.

How does Mayan’s analytics platform differ from analytics and reports on Amazon Seller Central?

While Amazon Seller Central does offer analytics and reporting, this data can often be difficult to find and interpret. Mayan’s dashboard is user friendly and offers insights that are otherwise unavailable within Amazon Seller Central. For example, Mayan’s analytics and reporting aggregates advertising and other fees by child and parent ASIN, which helps to better compare performance metrics as it relates to the sales data points. Mayan’s analytics and reporting also has the ability, in a SKU-inventory dashboard, to show a time series for gross sales and units sold by child ASIN or parent ASIN. This is another piece of data which requires additional work to pull from Amazon as you usually need to pull this for each month and then aggregate.

How is Mayan different from an Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agencies are often incentivized to have their clients spend as much money as possible on advertising - but that approach won’t always make sense for your business. They typically have a siloed view, simply focused on advertisement, that doesn’t take into account other core areas of your business such as inventory or working capital. Furthermore, unlike Advertising Agencies that manage advertising for their customers, Mayan harnesses its proprietary technology to optimize advertising for its customers.

When you connect to Mayan’s growth automation platform, your business is able to implement a data-driven approach to advertising on Amazon. Our platform leverages machine learning technology, where it takes signals from across your entire business to inform your advertising activity. For example, our platform will indicate when you need to pull back or even pause advertising due to low or depleted inventory, thereby ensuring an efficient use of your advertising budget. We combine our technology along with our MIT-led team of data experts to provide the best-in-class solution for your business.

Finally, at Mayan, we don't optimize ads for your business for the sake of simply driving ad-sales. Rather, we focus on truly making advertising as effective for your business as possible. This means we take a look at organic sales versus advertisement sales. This ensures that we focus on generating net-new sales, not cannibalizing existing organic sales. We also take a portfolio-based approach to advertising on Amazon, making budget allocation decisions based both on individual products and brand performance.

What is your audit?

Mayan offers Free Advertising Audits to any Amazon seller. We request access to your Amazon Seller account to understand what advertising and keywords you have been using, what are the results of those efforts and identify opportunities for exponential growth. The Amazon and PPC experts at Mayan will develop a presentation with the strategy and future results could be.

How are you different from your competitors?

Our approach is human-led Machine Learning.
Our customers have let us know how we differentiate from our competitors as well:

  • Mayan is the only PPC optimization platform built by MIT data scientists keeping the seller’s business objectives in mind. 
  • Our Ad Optimization Customer Success Managers are PPC and Amazon experts. Additionally many of them are current or past Amazon sellers just like you.
  • We partner with our customers.
  • We only increase budget with your permission; our customers have previously worked with other companies that increase spend without confirmation nor results.
  • Most importantly, we drive better results due to our approach...ultimately, it’s a results-driven business, so we only grow if our customers grow.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you are always welcome to upgrade to Premium Expert Management Services at a later time. Learn more about pricing

Does Copilot Pro come with an PPC Expert Account Manager?

Copilot Pro, unlike our Expert Ad Optimization Services, does not include a PPC Expert Account Manager. During your onboarding of the Copilot Pro platform, you will have access to a Customer Success team member who will help you navigate the platform. Our platform also comes with helpful training resources to assist you.

How do I get started?

It’s quick and easy. Schedule a demo or simply sign up and connect your business account with Mayan. No long-term commitment, no complex set-up.

  • Sign up to connect your business.
    Create your account and plug in your Amazon marketplace in just a few clicks.
  • Get a FREE business audit with Mayan
    Learn how to customize your brand and achieve results from the get-go.
  • Start scaling your business
    With our AI-powered platform, get data, track analytics and optimize your ads.