Our mission is to expedite entry and success on Amazon

Our misssion is to expedite entry and success in Ecommerce

Mayan is a technology and data startup that develops growth automation software for Amazon sellers.

Thrive in the Amazon jungle

The numbers are clear. Ecommerce is now mainstream for people of all walks of life. The growth of the industry has leveled the playing field for brands to deliver their best products and online experiences to the widest of audiences. But with this accessibility comes increased complexity.

Mayan uses ML-powered technology to help brands and sellers take care of the tedious and data-intensive tasks of running their business. Crafted by our expert team of engineers, data scientists, and designers, our solution is your competitive edge to thrive in the Amazon jungle.

The story behind Mayan

Our Mayan company name comes from our Founder's pride in his home country of Mexico and our admiration for the Mayan Culture and their technological achievements. At our core, we are a technology and data company founded by several close friends from MIT. The other co-founders also have Latino roots and we want to celebrate at the forefront that this is a Latino-founded business.

Prior to Mayan, our founder was an early team member at Thrasio, the largest brand aggregator in the Amazon ecosystem and the fastest U.S. company to reach "unicorn" valuation status since inception. Mayan is backed by Y Combinator and top venture investors. With this as our foundation, we're bringing deep industry expertise on what it takes to start, grow, and exit a successful Ecommerce business to all our customers.

The values that D.R.I.V.E. everything we do

Data Driven

We believe in efficiency and results, not the hours of work put in. We experiment, measure, and iterate. We let data inform and guide us while making sure to keep it human.


We're scrappy and love to accomplish a lot given a little. That means we strive to be at the forefront of engineering, business, and design to encourage creative solutions to problems.


Being a remote-first company enables us to hire talent from anywhere around the world. We lean into this advantage and support it by fostering a culture of open communication and inclusion.


We embrace challenges and view failures as a springboard for new learnings. We are open to new ideas, test outcomes, learn from mistakes, and iterate quickly.


Whether it's with our customers, our teammates, or our broader community, we believe in the importance of understanding the needs of others. This compassion creates the desire to help, which leads to the delightful experiences we all seek.

We're global and remote-first!

We've fully embraced remote work. So far we have team members located in all the countries indicated here and more! So come join us from wherever you are!


5940 S Rainbow Blvd STE 400
PMB 48483
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Leadership team

Close friends for over a decade, going back to their time at MIT. As co-founders, they've put together a team sharing complementary skill-sets ready to empower sellers.

Our investors & partners that stand by us

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