Your Ads Might Be Helping Your Competitor

Mayan’s free Copilot Lite platform helps sellers balance their inventory with their advertising. This way you don’t advertise a stocked out product and lead customers to your competitor.

Ad-Pausing, Inventory Predictions and Overall Profitability is Always in Stock.

With Copilot Lite you can outsource the dirty work to AI. Get inventory predictions, pause or restart ads based on insights, and understand how to maximize profits.

Check out our features:

Ad-Pausing and Enabling
Inventory Forecasting
Profitability Dashboard
Ad-Pausing and Enabling
On Mayan’s Campaign Adjustment dashboard, sellers can see ad sets by ASIN and its respective inventory to make quick and easy informed decisions on whether to pause or restart advertising.
Inventory Forecasting
This feature provides inventory status and selling trends that helps sellers get into action around speed of inventory replenishment. It saves sellers valuable time by having to aggregate multiple complex data sources.
Profitability Dashboard
The software calculates estimated capital based on your COGs data, how much you need in order to fund potential revenue and provides estimates for potential lost revenue, and inventory value for overstocked products.

Smart Features To Help Sellers Like You

Helps sellers balance their inventory with their advertising
Keeps sellers from advertising products that are not in stock
Predicts product selling patterns to predict sales
Saves sellers valuable time by aggregating key data to inform decisions
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Did you know all features on this page are included in Copilot Pro?
Reporting and Analytics
The moment you connect, our platform begins to analyze your brand, spotting areas of opportunity across sales, advertising, inventory management, and more.
360° Analysis

From SKUs to Brands, get a holistic view of your business performance along with side-by-side comparisons across your active selling markets.

Smart Alerts

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring of revenue-focused ad metrics like Ad Spend and ROAS, and receive timely automated notifications to ensure quick responses to market changes.

Data-Driven Decisions

The Mayan platform leverages AI and machine learning for enhanced insights, reporting, and recommendations.