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Average Increase in Ad Sales in First 3 Months
Average Increase in ROAS in First 3 months
Average Increase in Ad Profit in First 3 Months
Ad Sales Driven to Date

Time is money. We save you both.

Designed by MIT Data Scientists, Mayan helps to develop PPC campaigns with our world-class automation tools to optimize your Amazon Ads. From developing ad strategies to customizing media planning we offer holistic services to Amazon sellers.

Check out the features:
Ad-spend Efficient
Time Efficient
Performance with Control
The Budget-friendly AI 
For the Amazon seller who wants to control their budget while harnessing the power of machine learning (ML) technology. 
Get back 25 hours/week
Many Amazon sellers report spending almost 40% of their time per week on advertising. That’s too much! Our automations are designed to save you time, so you can focus on improving your supply chain, discovering new products to sell, or simply taking longer walks. 
You control your PPC ads 
You set the automations, budgets, and limits. Inventory-informed actions mean you don't spend advertising dollars on inventory that you don't have. High-performing PPC ad campaigns are easy to manage.

Smart Features for the
Growth-Minded Seller

Profitability Dashboard
See your profitability across all your products and time. Unlike Amazon Seller Central, there’s no need to hunt for data or pull multiple data sources manually in Excel.
Brand Overview Dashboard
An all-in-one dashboard that tracks your monthly, daily, or even hourly metrics across revenue, advertising, inventory levels, and more.
Automated Full-Campaign Creation
Proprietary machine learning models that can tailor your campaign creation needs with various targeting setups, including category, keywords, competitor products, and even fully automated targeting.
Keyword Generator Tool
Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover new keywords for your products.
Inventory-Informed Ads Automation
Spend advertising dollars only on inventory that you have while never accidentally driving yourself out of stock.
Category Targeting
Automatically target categories and subcategories in which to advertise your product.
Competitor Product Targeting
Get greater overall market coverage by automatically advertising against the right competition.
Placement Adjustments
Adjust your bids for Top of Search and Product Pages more quickly and stick out above the competition.
Search Expansion
Know exactly what your customers are searching for, and don’t miss out on valuable conversions just because Amazon is constantly changing its definition for what qualifies with auto campaign targeting.
Case Study
With Mayan, Auris Amplified Their Brand on Amazon in a Month
Highly-profitable ROAS within a month of launch
YOY growth in sales in 2021
Read their story
Reporting and Analytics
The moment you connect, our platform begins to analyze your brand, spotting areas of opportunity across sales, advertising, inventory management, and more.
360° Analysis

From SKUs to Brands, get a holistic view of your business performance along with side-by-side comparisons across your active selling markets.

Smart Alerts

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring of revenue-focused ad metrics like Ad Spend and ROAS, and receive timely automated notifications to ensure quick responses to market changes.

Data-Driven Decisions

The Mayan platform leverages AI and machine learning for enhanced insights, reporting, and recommendations.

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