Here are the Important Dates, Deadlines, and Holidays for Amazon Sellers in 2023

February 10, 2023

We’ve outlined an easy holiday calendar to reference throughout the year to point you to important inventory and tax deadlines for your Amazon business!

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller, one of the best things you can do for your business is planning ahead. When you have your inventory and marketing strategy laid out months in advance, you can be prepared for fluctuations in customer demand and you can sell more products on Amazon.

With that in mind, you should keep a calendar of important dates, deadlines, and holidays to plan for this year. These holidays are when Amazon sellers can really capitalize on the increased demand, but if you don’t have the inventory prepared to align with your 2023 marketing strategy, you won’t be able to make the sales.

That’s why we’ve outlined an easy calendar to reference throughout the year to point you to important inventory deadlines, holidays, and tax deadlines for sellers working with Amazon. Here’s what you should know about for 2023!

What's On This Year's Amazon FBA Seller Holiday Calendar

Timing is everything when it comes to a solid marketing strategy, and holidays are your chance as an Amazon seller to really hone in on buyer habits throughout the calendar year. 

This starts with a goal to make more sales from consumer demand, which can be done using PPC ads for your seasonal marketing campaigns and effective inventory management. These holidays will provide you with the most opportunities to align your strategies with the most important dates for Amazon sellers during the year. But keep in mind, there are some smaller holidays to look out for as well. 

Make sure to look at a full list of holidays throughout the year to see if your Amazon store and brand would fit for any of them - then, you can work on perfecting your marketing strategy for 2023!

New Year's Day

First up in the holiday calendar will always be New Year’s Day. Although it’s too late to plan for 2023, 2024 will be here before you know it. New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve are especially good days for Amazon FBA businesses selling any health and fitness-related products (we all need a fresh and healthy start, right?). Basically, if you sell anything related to any typical New Year’s resolutions, you can benefit from this holiday each and every year.

Super Bowl Sunday 2023

Super Bowl Sunday is the next big eCommerce holiday in the U.S. after New Year’s Day. For Amazon sellers with sports apparel or sports goods, this can be a great holiday to prepare for on any calendar year. Also, anything that would be ordered for a Super Bowl Party will find it helpful to prepare for the football-focused Sunday. Chips and guac serving platter? New Smart TV? Think of any product big or small.

February 12 - Super Bowl Sunday 2023

Valentine’s Day

Romance is in the air and Valentine’s Day can be a productive holiday for lots of Amazon sellers out there. Whether it's For Him or For Her, anything that makes a good gift for that special someone would do well leading up to this February holiday. 

Just make sure to target Valentine’s Day-related keywords in your product listings during this month to increase the probability of shoppers finding your store. This is key!

February 14 - Valentine’s Day 2023

St. Patrick’s Day

While St. Patrick's Day itself isn’t necessarily the biggest eCommerce holiday during the calendar year, it does mark the beginning of warmer weather - and who doesn't get excited for the anticipation of spring? Amazon sellers in the month of March should make sure to capitalize on products that are good for warm weather.

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day 2023


Though not everyone celebrates the Easter season, FBA sellers who sell candy, chocolate, and other Easter-basket gifts can certainly benefit from the Easter holiday. Spring should also be in full swing by now, so warm weather items should continue to do well here.

April 9 - Easter Sunday 2023

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day comes around every May and this holiday can boost sales for any sellers with products that make good gifts for Mom. This holiday can generate a ton of sales for you if you lock in your keyword targeting and you have the inventory to meet demand.

Discover more: Here’s how to maximize your Amazon profits with effective inventory management.

May 14 - Mother’s Day 2023

Father’s Day

Get on your marketing strategy after Mother's Day and update those keywords to sell all of your Dad-friendly products! The next big gift-giving holiday is Father’s Day in June. It's a great idea to get your keyword targeting strategy in place to make sure you're reaching as many Amazon shoppers as possible. 

June 18 - Father’s Day 2023

Fourth of July

July brings Independence Day, but the weather should also be plenty hot by now in all parts of the country. Those Amazon sellers who have products that sell well for the 4th of July and 4th of July parties should be prepared, as should sellers with good hot weather and outdoor items in their Amazon store.

July 4 - Independence Day 2023

Amazon Prime Day

We all know that Amazon doesn't release its Prime Day dates until a few weeks beforehand, so the only way to look at the previous year and estimate. By our current predictions, Prime Day may be set to happen in July this year, but these dates aren’t confirmed at this time. With that being said, Prime Day can be beneficial to nearly all sellers. Make sure to prepare your Prime Day discounts if you want to sell more (and make sure your inventory strategy is prepared for the potential increase in sales).

July 2023 - Amazon Prime Day


Back-to-School season can be huge for Amazon sellers. In order to meet the high demand, you should be preparing for this season months in advance. Any school essentials for ages 5-18 and beyond will do well during this time of year. This goes for school supplies for grade school, high school, and college. It’s also a good idea to dial in your keyword strategy for this month to focus on school-related keywords for your target audience. 

Early August 2023 - Back-to-School Season


Halloween will be a slight calm before the storm. Sellers with Halloween costumes and decorations will of course need to be prepared. Also, fall items should be doing better around this time of year.

October 31 - Halloween 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday means the start of the end of the year holiday sales season (aka beautiful chaos for thousands of sellers out there). 

To prepare for this holiday, make sure to prepare your best inventory and marketing strategy for what will likely be your best sales week of the year. Have your inventory management outlined well in advance from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and decide on your discounts beforehand and this period won’t have to be stressful.

November 24 - Black Friday 2023

November 27 - Cyber Monday 2023

Christmas Day

Don't forget about another big holiday to round out the year. Just like Back-to-School and Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you’ll want to plan for Christmas Day months in advance. This means having your inventory set and your holiday keyword strategy in place. Enjoy all the extra sales as they flood in! Then toast to your year's success. 

December 25 - Christmas Day 2023

Amazon Inventory Deadlines For 2023

For the biggest eCommerce holidays, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas, Amazon has important deadlines for you to have your inventory into Amazon's fulfillment centers. Make sure you have these deadlines marked on your calendar:

  • November 2: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Amazon Inventory Deadline 2023. Your inventory should ARRIVE at the fulfillment center by November 2nd at the latest.
  • December 1: Christmas Amazon Inventory Deadline for 2023

You don't want to miss these deadlines and risk major stockouts (and all that it comes with). Make sure you plan out everything well ahead of time to ensure you’re not scrambling when these dates come around.

Amazon Tax Deadlines 2023

Finally, we have some important tax deadlines for Amazon sellers. Make sure to stick to these deadlines to stay compliant and avoid any issues when it comes time to file your taxes. Here are the dates to know for Amazon business owners:

  • Turn your tax statements in quarterly if your state requires it
  • January 31, 2023: Deadline to send W-2 forms to employees and the IRS
  • January 31, 2023: Deadline to file 1099s (form 1096)
  • March 15: Deadline to file partnerships (form 1065) and S-Corps (form 1102-S)
  • April 18, 2023: Deadline to file corporate tax returns (form 1120)

How to Build Your eCommerce Strategy for Your Best Year Yet

When you always plan ahead for your inventory, discounts, and keyword strategies, you can make your year much more manageable. Building your eCommerce strategy to account for the most important holidays will help you drive sales for your Amazon store and lead to your best sales yet.

Another way to optimize your eCommerce business strategy is with a powerful growth automation platform specifically made for Amazon sellers.

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