What to Sell on Amazon in 2023: Predictions for Amazon FBA Sellers

April 26, 2023

If you’re looking for product ideas to sell online for your business, check out our 2023 top predictions for Amazon FBA sellers in this post.

Do (some) of your 2023 business goals include boosting profits and building your online brand for sustainable growth? If the answer is yes, then adding a few guaranteed top selling products to your Amazon store should be a part of that winning business strategy.

Over the years, we've also noticed that adding some of the most popular items on Amazon to your business plan can limit a lot of risks during the sales year. This includes overspending on marketing as well as dealing with overstocks at whichever FBA warehouse you're currently working with. 

But, with new and hot items introduced and sold online on the daily, it can feel overwhelming to know where and how to start when it comes to finding the best items to sell on Amazon. How can you begin to source those perfect products that will sell like hotcakes on your own little section of the ecommerce space? Turns out, the process is actually much simpler than you think. 

How to Find the Best Selling Products on Amazon 

If you’re looking for some of the best Amazon products to sell in 2023, it’s essential that you go over the most searched items and product categories from the previous year. Analyzing last year's trending products will help you make conclusions for what’s in store for 2023 and how your Amazon FBA business can compete for the year ahead. 

There's also some more things to be aware of when planning out which new products to sell in your Amazon store, including online shoppers buying habits and other important trends. But first, let's get to the best ecommerce products that were sold in 2022.

Analyzing Amazon's Top Selling Items

After the few years we've had, it's safe to say that we're living in a time when online shopping is the norm in the U.S. and abroad. Ecommerce is a market in the trillions of dollars, and the metrics are continuously on the rise. According to some of the latest statistics, Amazon's net revenue met an all-time high in Q4 of 2022 with a grand total of 149.2 trillion USD

So if you want to stay moving in the space, it is vital that you are in touch with product trends and buying habits of those in your target market. These trends do shift every year (they are called 'trends' for a reason!) so keep that in mind when choosing new products to sell online for your FBA business

To help you out, we analyzed the top selling products on Amazon from 2022 and we're breaking it all down in this post. Let's start things off with some of the key takeaways from our product research.

Trending products on Amazon: Key takeaways from 2022

  • Buyers love seasonal products. To maximize your profits this year, Amazon FBA sellers should try to add listings, as well as focus on promotions, especially for these specific holidays. And let’s not forget – a product can be rebranded as seasonal with some keyword optimization. More on that later!
  • Online shoppers are always looking for practical items for the home. While it was no surprise that many home and home care items were some of the best selling products on Amazon in 2020 and 2021, buyers shifted a little in 2022 to purchasing more basic and practical home items. Either way, consumers are curating their home for optimal comfort and convenience. So think about what kinds of products could work for your brand for you to sell in your Amazon store in 2023. 
  • We want toys, technology, and the latest digital accessories. Whenever a new Apple product comes out, there's a new best selling digital accessory on Amazon that comes along with it. An Apple watch band, a stylish iPhone case – all of these consumer items were best sellers on Amazon last year. The platform is also a shopper’s go-to for popular toys in the U.S.  
  • We're all about gift giving. While these gift items are a mix of seasonal trends, every quarter in 2022 had gift-related items in the top sellers on Amazon. If you want to get in on the gift-giving game, you don't have to overthink it. This is also when keywords and product listing optimization is super vital. 
  • These trending items fit the Amazon Marketplace customer base and professional FBA sellers should take note.
  • Don’t overlook sustainability and authenticity. Customers are prioritizing these aspects of a brand more and more.

Most Popular Amazon Items in 2022: What FBA Sellers Should Know

From the best selling digital products on Amazon to trending product categories for each sales quarter, here's a closer look at the top product categories sold on the ecommerce platform. Have a look through and this will give you an idea of what will be some of the best selling items on Amazon for 2023. 

Amazon’s top selling items # 1: Seasonal products

Whether it’s back to school time, Valentine’s Day or Easter, Amazon shoppers are always looking for the latest seasonal products to use. Of course, Valentine’s and Easter products aren’t the only seasonal product trends throughout the year. In September 2022, some of the top selling items on Amazon were Halloween related. And in November, ‘Christmas decorations’ and ‘Christmas tree’ were amongst the top 10 most searched items on Amazon U.S.

It's also important to focus on promotions (coupons, investing in ad spend, etc) around these holidays. And, don't forget your Amazon SEO work. Half of the work to sell these items is to market them for the right holiday. 

These were the most sold Christmas decorations during 2022.

Best selling products #2: Practical & household items

With more people working from home (at least part-time), people want to make their home space as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most popular product items in 2022 on Amazon in the home and decor category:

  • Ergonomic desk chairs
  • Shower curtains
  • Desks
  • Air fryers

These shower curtains sold the most on Amazon during 2022.

This product data shows that people are looking to Amazon to help with every aspect of their home and are looking for the best, practical home products out there. 

So if you’re looking to expand your Amazon business in 2023, know that listings for home goods are not going out of style anytime soon.

Best seller #3. Gift items

Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for Dad, gifts for Mom, all of these categories are some of the most searched on Amazon. They were in 2022 and they also were in years prior. While the gift searches are timely of course, FBA sellers should note that finding gift-type items to sell in your store can guarantee some big sales throughout the year. 

Here’s a few things you can do to get in on Amazon’s gift item trends:‍

  • Optimize your products images a month leading up to the specific holiday you want to market the gift for.
  • Add the appropriate keywords in your descriptions and titles for your Amazon product listing. This will help you rank in search for that category.
  • Want to expand your marketing strategy? Social media channels are proving to be a more effective way for sellers to drive traffic to their store. 
  • Measure your ad spend and inventory levels for these times. 
This beanie with integrated bluetooth sold the most during 2022.

Top seller #4. Women’s clothing

One of the top searched categories in Q1 in 2022 was this high waisted cotton women’s underwear. Number 2 and number 3 were a bra and high waisted yoga pants. 

The second most searched product on Amazon in Q2 for spring season was ‘summer dresses for women’ Also in the top 10 were women’s swimsuits. ‘Dresses for women’ was number 1 in Q3 and ‘Halloween costumes for women’ was a solid top seller again in 2022. 

Anything clothing related throughout the year was a top 10 seller on Amazon, so if you can get the supply and the branding, we recommend trying to sell these types of products to your list of Amazon store items. 

These top searches and best selling items show us that it’s women who are doing the shopping (for themselves) and they know what they want. This target market is also looking for quality products and are specific, so in your product listing always make sure to optimize and highlight the product’s best features to catch the eye of the online shopper on a mission. 

This dress listing saw the most sales during 2022.

Top selling product #5. Apple accessories, tech, & toys

Our product research shows that when a new iPhone comes out, one of the top trending products on Amazon that month is iPhone cases and accessories. This happened in 2021, in 2022, and it will most likely happen in 2023. One of the top searched ASINs on Amazon from Q1 to Q3 was the iPhone 13 Max case. Then the iPhone 14 came out in September, one of the top searches for Q4 was an iPhone 14 Max case. 

Basically, the takeaway here is that Amazon FBA sellers should always keep note of any big tech items that are being released and how they can optimize their stores for that boost in sales. 

Bought a smartwatch yet? Lots of online shoppers in the U.S. have them, and as a result one of the top items in 2022 Q1-Q3 was an Apple watch band. These products also had some of the highest conversion rates of the list. 

People also go to Amazon for the best version of their favorite kids product, like the fidget spinner or squishmallow. The squishmallow was actually the 3rd most searched item on Amazon for Q4 in 2022. Even in our list of Amazon top sellers that we published on the blog last year, kids toys were also marked as some of the best selling items on Amazon.

OtterBox iphone cases were the most sold tech accesory last year.

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