What to Sell on Amazon in 2022: Predictions for Amazon FBA Sellers

June 14, 2022
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If you’re looking for product ideas to sell online for your Amazon FBA business, check out our predictions for 2022.

Adding some top selling products to your Amazon store is a great strategy to help boost your profits. But with the giant world of online retail that boasts billions of dollars in annual sales and new items brought to market and sold on Amazon every day, it may seem overwhelming to find the latest trending products to sell. Turns out, the process is actually much simpler than you think. 

If you’re looking for product ideas to sell online for your Amazon FBA business, it’s important to go over the most searched items and categories on Amazon over the past year. Analyzing these trending products will help you make conclusions for what’s in store for 2022 and how your Amazon business can compete.

What to Know About the Most Purchased Items Online

We’ve entered a time when online shopping is the norm. Ecommerce is a market in the trillions and the metrics are continuously on the rise. Data from 2020 and into 2021 shows that the past two years unveiled some unique shopping trends, not to mention a shift in buyers attitudes and priorities. If you’re an Amazon FBA seller, there are some key things to take note of if you want to grow over this next year.

Here’s the takeaway from our market research for Amazon shoppers from 2021:

  • Seasonal trends are a given. Amazon FBA sellers should try to add listings (and focus on promotions) for specific holidays.
  • Home care items are here to stay. The trend is beyond 2020 at this point, and consumers are curating their home for optimal comfort and convenience. 
  • Solid categories for Ecommerce products are toys and technology products. These trending items fit the Amazon Marketplace customer base and sellers should take note.
  • Don’t overlook sustainability and authenticity. Customers are prioritizing these aspects of a brand more and more.

But How Can You Keep Up With Every New Online Shopping Trend? 

We’re here to help you figure out how to do that for 2022. From making your home a sanctuary to the latest trending products in tech, here’s a close look at what to sell on Amazon this year.

Discover the 5 Top Trending Products to Sell Online in 2022

Here are the categories of the most purchased items online last year that will continue to be relevant in 2022.

  • Gifts and holiday items
  • Electronics and accessories 
  • Health and wellness
  • Women’s top and dresses
  • Home items/decor

We analyzed the most clicked items on Amazon and broke down some of the ongoing trends you should follow to set up for even more success in 2022. 

1. Gifts/holiday items

Well, who would have guessed that In Q1 of 2021, these "Love Capsule Messages" in a bottle by INFMETRY would have been the #1 Clicked on ASIN for "valentines day gifts for him" !

‘Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her’ were two of the most searched terms on Amazon in early 2021. Another category in the top 25 was Easter products, specifically ‘Easter Basket Stuffers.’

Given that these search terms are pretty generic, it’s safe to assume that shoppers are looking for inspiration and ideas when it comes to gift and holiday products. The Amazon Marketplace is a browser-friendly space, and successful FBA sellers make sure to optimize their shops in order to keep customers engaged. 

Of course, Valentine’s and Easter products aren’t the only seasonal product trends throughout the year. In September 2021, three of the top 10 trending items on Amazon were Halloween related. While some were specific items like Halloween lights, another was a traditional costume that can be popular throughout the year, but it was marketed as a Halloween costume.

Here’s a few things you can do to get in on the gift item trends:

  • Optimize your products images a month leading up to a specific holiday.
  • Add the appropriate seasonal keywords in your product descriptions and titles. This will help you rank in search for that category.
  • Some recent Ecommerce data has revealed that social media channels are proving to be a more effective way for sellers to drive traffic to their store. 

The top clicked ASIN for the ‘Valentine’s Gifts’ category was this product: Message in a bottle capsule letters. This colorful product item can be personalized for your special someone, making it a unique gift item to add to your product listings if you want to expand for that holiday.

2. Electronics and accessories

Our product research shows that when a new iPhone comes out, one of the top trending products on Amazon that month is iPhone cases and accessories. When the iPhone 13 came out this year, searches for iPhone 12 iPhone 13 cases skyrocketed.

The takeaway here is that Amazon FBA sellers should always keep note of any big tech items that are being released and how they can optimize their stores for that boost in sales. 

Not only are generic iPhone cases big sellers, but there’s an uptick in interest when it comes to sustainably-made, biodegradable phone cases made for Android or iOS.

An item as simple as a phone case may seem like a dime a dozen, but this trending product is an opportunity to expand your online product listings into the sustainability movement. These items will come at a higher price point, but consumers are sometimes willing to pay more if they know it’s a quality product, especially one that will last them more than a few months.

3. Health and wellness products

This vegan protein powder is an example of a health and wellness product that is sold on Amazon - it may not be the top 10 most searched for product on Amazon, but it's an example of a product that has built a loyal customer base that will consistently reorder this product.

Waist trainers, yoga mats, leggings, and active wear – at-home fitness was all the craze in 2020. With some of the top trending items being also workout-related in 2021, our prediction is that health and wellness trends will continue this year. 

Be inventive with your product listings and sell items in your Amazon store that help people stay fit and move around at home. Any items to use in a home gym, decor, and workout clothes are a part of top trending products related to health and wellness.

Supplements are another big online trend in the health and wellness category. Think collagen peptide powder and supplements that help boost our immune systems for those days spent indoors.

4. Women’s tops and summer dresses

For Q2, the 12th highest search term was "summer dresses for women", and this dress by FRSH MNT OTTATAT was the top clicked ASIN. How can you say 'no' to a nice-looking dress that has pockets...

One of the top searched categories in Q1 in 2021 was ‘women’s tops’. In Q2, the category ‘summer dresses for women’ was a trending search item. 

Business on top, party on the bottom? With Zoom calls becoming the norm and people working 24/7 from home, many of us have replaced the pantsuit with a nice shirt or sweater that does the trick. If you can get the supply, consider adding professional looking yet comfortable clothing items to your Amazon product listings.

2020 was the year where shoppers went online to buy items for their personal needs more than ever, and this trend didn’t drop in 2021. Due to issues in the supply chain and lack of stock that retailers are always dealing with, more shoppers are going online for their everyday needs. 

5. Home goods/decor

2021 was characterized by people who just wouldn't shut up about their air fryer.

Over the past few years, more shoppers in the U.S. have been heading to the Amazon Marketplace for their basic household needs. From new design inspiration to practical items for the home office, people are looking to Amazon for the latest household trends.

And with more people working from home (at least part-time), people want to make their home space as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most popular product items in 2021 on Amazon in the home and decor category:

  • Office chairs
  • Shower curtains
  • Led lights for bedroom
  • Desk
  • Air fryers
  • Room decor

This data shows that people are looking to Amazon to help with every aspect of their home. 

So if you’re looking to expand your business in 2022, know that listings for home goods are not going out of style anytime soon.

Other Things to Consider For Trending Products in 2022

We know that as an Amazon FBA seller, it’s always necessary to look at the latest online shopping trends. But this doesn’t stop at physical products. To stay on top of the market and discover what drives consumer behavior, we recommend looking at the latest health data in regards to the pandemic. Where do you think we will go in 2022? 

For instance, if a lockdown or quarantine happens again, then consumers will be driven to purchase even more items related to the home. If it looks like things will be opening up, what do people want to buy that relates to them going out? In this day and age, taking a holistic approach to predict the newest trends will be helpful for your online business. 

Here are a few quick resources to help you stay on top of the pandemic situation:

COVID projections by the IHME of the University of Washington: https://covid19.healthdata.org/global 

New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/

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