Supercharge your
Amazon Advertising ROAS

Supercharge your Amazon Advertising ROAS

For Amazon Sellers who want to increase their sales but find that advertising on Amazon is time-consuming and complicated, the Mayan growth automation platform offers advertising optimization.

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How it works

Data-driven Campaign Structure

The structure of your ad campaigns is crucial to the success of your Amazon business. At Mayan, we take a complete approach to configuring your ad campaign structure. By utilizing both automatic and manual campaigns in addition to creating a customized technology-enabled targeting strategy, we are adamant about constructing your ad campaigns effectively and strategically.

Expert-led Algorithmic Targeting

Purely AI-driven advertising can lead to inefficient campaigns, lost valuable advertising dollars, and wasted sales opportunities. We believe in letting the data drive our results, while ensuring that your dedicated account manager is consistently tracking those insights to enable adjustments for better performance.

Bid Optimization

Leveraging Mayan's machine learning technology and data analytics dashboards, our account managers approach bidding in a holistic manner. By including inventory levels, preference of top-line sales vs bottom-line profit, among other variables, our technology generates and automates the perfect bid change, around-the-clock.

Start boosting your Amazon business today

Start boosting your Amazon business today

Frequently Asked Questions

Is advertising on Amazon worth it?

In a nutshell - yes, it is definitely worth it to advertise your products on Amazon. We would even argue that, with more than 60% of all sales on Amazon preceded by an ad these days, it is not only worth it, it's necessary. More than 197 million people visit Amazon every month, but with more than 12 million products to choose from, your business will lose out to the competition. In today’s landscape, advertising on Amazon is essential to the overall performance of your business. When executed correctly, it improves your overall ranking, increases your revenue, and places your products in front of the customers that want them.

How is Advertising Optimization different from Advertising Management?

Advertising Management is a planned managerial process that is designed to oversee and control the many advertising activities involved in your business. While Advertising Management is important for ensuring that Amazon shoppers find your products, unlike Advertising Optimization, it is less sophisticated and data-driven due to its static and people-based nature. You may end up spending more money on the “management” service itself than the actual advertising for your business.

Advertising Optimization, on the other hand, lets the data speak for itself. It uses historical data to draw insights about how well your ads are performing. It then makes decisions, based on that data, around which ads and which campaigns provide a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). This also informs which ads and campaigns should continue running and which should be paused. As a result, Advertising Optimization allows you to more effectively spend each marginal dollar towards the right products on Amazon. You are able to spend money on campaigns that are getting you customers as well as increasing your sales and bottom line.

What type of advertising does Mayan do within Amazon?

At Mayan, we focus on creating a well rounded advertising strategy, and we believe this includes all three types of advertising methods on Amazon (i.e. Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display). This also includes video ads, which are part of Sponsored Brand ads.

Furthermore, we take a holistic view at the business, making sure that ads are always working in favor of your business, which at times can include slowing down, or even pausing ads.

How is Mayan different from an Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agencies are often incentivized to have their clients spend as much money as possible on advertising - but that approach won’t always make sense for your business. They typically have a siloed view, simply focused on advertisement, that doesn’t take into account other core areas of your business such as inventory or working capital. Furthermore, unlike Advertising Agencies that manage advertising for their customers, Mayanalytics harnesses its proprietary technology to optimize advertising for its customers.

When you connect to Mayan’s growth automation platform, your business is able to implement a data-driven approach to advertising on Amazon. Our platform leverages machine learning technology, where it takes signals from across your entire business to inform your advertising activity. For example, our platform will indicate when you need to pull back or even pause advertising due to low or depleted inventory, thereby ensuring an efficient use of your advertising budget. We combine our technology along with our MIT-led team of data experts to provide the best-in-class solution for your business.

Finally, at Mayan, we don't optimize ads for your business for the sake of simply driving ad-sales. Rather, we focus on truly making advertising as effective for your business as possible. This means we take a look at organic sales versus advertisement sales. This ensures that we focus on generating net-new sales, not cannibalizing existing organic sales. We also take a portfolio-based approach to advertising on Amazon, making budget allocation decisions based both on individual products and brand performance.