Your ROAS will thank you

Managing ads on Seller Central along with running your business can be overwhelming and time consuming. We get it. That’s why we offer an Ad Optimization solution that works on your behalf. 

Customized PPC campaigns
Timely data and insights
Dedicated Account Managers are Amazon and PPC Experts
Customized Amazon Strategy

Our success is in the numbers

Average Increase in Ad Sales in First 3 Months
Average Increase in ROAS in First 3 months
Average Increase in Ad Profit in First 3 Months
Ad Sales Driven to Date

How Can Expert Ads Optimization Help You?

Designed by MIT data scientists, Mayan helps to develop PPC campaigns with our world-class automation tools for optimizing your Amazon Ads. From developing ad strategies to customizing media planning, we offer holistic services to Amazon sellers.

Check out our solutions:

Campaign Creation
Bid Optimization
Campaign Structure
Your campaigns are built strategically using both automated and manual campaigns in addition to creating technology-enabled targeting strategy.
Data drives results but your account manager closely tracks insights and adjusts for a better performance. We don’t just leave it to AI.
Bid Optimization
By including inventory levels, preference of top-line sales vs bottom-line profit, among other variables, our technology generates and automates the perfect bid change, around-the-clock.
Powerful Features

Convert Your Audience Into Customers With Expert Ads Optimization

Having a great product or service is not enough. Reaching the right audience is key to sales. We help you cross that bridge with our tailor-made solutions, because one size doesn’t fit all.

Manage PPC campaigns tailored to your business
Mayan uses human-centered technology that is unique to your products. No mindless algorithm-driven approaches.
Get expert guidance from PPC pros
We understand the day-to-day challenges of selling. Many of our Account Managers are Amazon sellers and PPC experts themselves!
Make optimizations with real-time insights and data
Our timely data and insights allow you to make crucial decisions on your bidding strategy and keywords.
Easily gather data using optimization tools
While the reporting tools on Amazon Seller Central are limited, our user-friendly analytics will help you get a sense of your advertising.

How to get started

It’s quick and easy. Schedule a demo or simply sign up and connect your business account with Mayan. No long-term commitment, no complex set-up.

Sign up to connect your business
Create your account and plug in your Amazon marketplace in just a few clicks.
Get a FREE business audit with Mayan
Learn how to customize your brand and achieve results from the get-go.
Start scaling your business
With our AI-powered platform, get data, track analytics, and optimize your ads.
At Mayan, Every Account has a Dedicated Account Manager
Our platform is devised for convenience and comfort, and that’s why we have a dedicated Account Manager for every account. 90% of our experts are current or former Amazon sellers and are better equipped to understand your Amazon business goals and overall selling strategies. They consistently communicate with you from the start, helping you to successfully scale your business.
Scale Your Business.
Grow Your Sales.
Free Advertising Audit
MIT-Led Technology
Unrivaled Results