Wolf Tactical - A Success Story

Wolf Tactical was unhappy with ad solutions providers, so they partnered with Mayan to optimize their advertising - resulting in 100% YoY Growth in April '22.

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Executive Summary

Wolf Tactical has been selling on Amazon since 2016, building their brand into a multi-million dollar business. Wolf Tactical partnered with Mayan at the end of October 2021 after underwhelming experiences with two well-known Amazon Ad solutions providers. With Mayan, they’ve seen significant increases in ROAS & Gross Sales, including over 100% YoY growth in April 2022.


Mayan was able to increase Wolf Tactical’s ad sales and ROAS, resulting in multiple months of record total sales.

After switching to Mayan end of October 2021, 
Wolf Tactical’s ROAS had a 61.6% increase.

Before working with Mayan, Wolf Tactical worked with another ad solutions provider. However, after seeing their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) plummet, Wolf Tactical switched to Mayan. As a result, they saw a 7.66 ROAS, a 61.6% increase.


Wolf Tactical was unhappy with ad solutions providers after seeing a sharp decrease in ROAS as well as receiving poor communication from their Account Managers.

When Wolf Tactical had worked with our competitors, Mayan found that bids for certain high-volume keywords had increased by over 100% in just a few months, leading to wasted ad spend and lower returns.

With other ad solutions providers, Wolf Tactical didn’t feel that their Account Manager fully understood or appreciated their products. With one ad solutions provider that Wolf Tactical had worked with, they were assigned an Account Manager in a completely different time zone. Communication with them was limited, with it taking up to 3 days to receive a response to email requests.

How Mayan Helped

Mayan’s technology and experts identified ways to more efficiently allocate ad spend.

First, our system identified unnecessary bid increases that Wolf Tactical’s account had been experiencing using other Amazon Ad providers’ services, driving their ROAS down sharply.

We identified the optimal bid for each keyword to ensure sufficient traffic is being driven while keeping CPC down. Mayan’s reporting technology also provided TACoS by parent ASIN to analyze advertising results at the product level.

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