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Ever wonder if you are wasting ad-spend on low performing targets? Or wonder if you can get more sales from current ad-spend? With Mayan's Free Advertising Audit, we show you how you can get the most sales for your products.

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Your Privacy Matters

Our Commitment to You: At Mayan, we prioritize the utmost importance of your data privacy. Rest assured, your data remains confidential, and no information will be stored with Mayan. We simply analyze it to identify areas of growth and opportunities. As fellow sellers, we deeply understand and respect this aspect.

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What's an Amazon Advertising Audit anyway?

The Amazon Experts at Mayan take a multi-faceted approach in auditing your advertising to ensure you are getting the most organic and ad sales for your budget. Mayan provides Sellers with a 20+ page report with recommended opportunities to reduce budget while maintaining the same sales or even 2X or 3X sales with the same budget.

Here's what we review:

  • Types of Products
  • Keywords
  • Campaign Structure
  • Type of Advertising
  • ACoS, TACoS and ROAS
An Inventory and Advertising Optimization Platform created by MIT Scientists
Our unrivaled tech makes the most of every ad dollar and is tailor-made for your business. It keeps a tab on your inventory, so you never run out of product while advertising. Mayan’s free Inventory and Ad Optimization Platform helps sellers balance their inventory with their advertising and saves time doing it.
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Our success is in the numbers

Average Increase in Ad Sales in First 3 Months
Average Increase in ROAS in First 3 months
Average Increase in Ad Profit in First 3 Months
Ad Sales Driven to Date

What our customers say...

“300% Growth in Monthly Sales! I don’t think we can say thank you enough and how much we appreciate Mayan’s help in growing our company.”
Tania P., Founder of High Desert
"812% Improvement in ROAS! I asked Mayan to help me find more 'diamond products', and they delivered."
Lou M., Bazillion Dreams

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