How to Master your Keyword Game on Amazon

May 10, 2022

Keywords on Amazon are crucial to your product's visibility and discovery on the world’s largest online marketplace. Here, we go over top 3 tips.

Have you spent years perfecting a sport that you loved, like karate or yoga, or spent hours studying to write your thesis? Life mastery is about continued focus and effort in anything you do, like the dedication you pursued in your karate, yoga, or thesis writing endeavors. Mastering Amazon SEO requires the same deliberate and calculated effort to achieve the best results throughout your Amazon FBA sales trajectory.

But how do you master Amazon keywords when competition stiffens, the algorithm evolves, and the tools you were familiar with are now more complicated and less effective?

That’s what we’re diving into in this article. How to master your keyword game on Amazon with deliberate practice.

Let’s get started!

Are Keywords Still Valuable on Amazon?

Hands down, the answer is yes.

We’ve seen some vague content online debating whether or not Amazon’s update of the A9 algorithm included the need for keywords throughout the front and backend product listing. 

The short answer remains: keywords are crucial to your product's visibility and discovery on the world’s largest online marketplace. Now, here’s the caveat: your keywords can be less effective if your Amazon FBA listing isn’t fully optimized and lacks clear, compelling copy. 

Your ready-to-buy Amazon customer may have no trouble discovering your listing but may not be adding to cart due to consumer confusion. So while you think you may be tricking the algorithm by keyword stuffing, you are, in fact, deterring your hot-to-buy market and Amazon’s organic ranking system.

Keywords are precious in 2022, but knowing how and where to leverage the most effective keywords is crucial to mastering your keyword strategy.

Top 3 Tips to Mastering Your Amazon Keyword Game

Now that we’ve established just how important a keyword strategy is to sell on Amazon, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the best keyword tips.

#1 Relevancy is Everything to Your Amazon Keyword Game

While keyword trends come and go, one element of your keyword mastery will always remain. Relevancy. 

Think about a time you were searching online for a product to solve a pain point in your FBA business. Let’s say you needed a new standup desk to support the growing needs of your home office empire.

What would be the first thing you typed into the search bar if you went to Standup Desk, perhaps?

As a customer, how confused are you when up pops a cell phone holder after typing in your search query for ‘standup desk’? The cell phone holder may sit on a standup desk. But you intend to purchase a standup desk because you require more space for your growing e-commerce business. 

You don’t actually want the cell phone holder.

Make sure that the keywords you use are relevant - even if a cell phone holder sits on top of a standup desk, 'standup desk' as a keyword would not be relevant here

Did you know that Amazon prioritizes listings with higher relevancy?

Organic ranking is factored in 3 main ways:

  1. Relevancy & optimization
  2. Total dollars generated in sales
  3. High conversion rate

The more relevant your listing is, the higher the importance Amazon will place on your product offer and listing. Sellers tend to overlook relevancy because they want to appeal to a broad audience.  But, experienced marketers know that narrowing in on a specific audience proves more fruitful.

Keep your keywords as relevant as possible so that Amazon recognizes your listing as fully optimized and shows it to the most appropriate, ready-to-buy audience. 

You’ll meet the ranking criteria and hopefully rank in top placements organically.

#2 Trending Keyword Tools Are Where It’s At

You might presume your keyword strategy game is strong, but the truth is that not all Amazon keyword tools are equal. There is ample data and research to support that new and trending keyword tools provide more robust outcomes.

An emerging leader in the keyword space that is just out of Beta is DataDive Tools. DataDive tools finds the most potent keywords by comparing the top 20 competing ASINS. The tool factors your top competitor's product insights and sales to gather the most potent keywords for your Amazon FBA listing. DataDive submits your research in a user-friendly keyword sheet where you can glean more insights from your top competitors. The software will discover keywords that drive organic sales for the top competition you reviewed in your ‘DataDive.’ 

Those exact keywords are profitable to your competition, so you’ll want to leverage them across your Amazon listing.

#3 Leverage A Robust PPC Strategy in Combination With Your Keyword Game

With the rise in Amazon fees in recent months, increased supply chain issues, and fierce competition, it’s a good idea to employ a robust Amazon ppc strategy alongside the best keywords to help you dominate top placements and increase conversions.

Look for Ad management platforms that offer razor-sharp expertise and automation tools to optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns on your behalf. Consider it an investment in your FBA business. Look out for platforms that design the most optimal PPC campaigns to target the best keywords to prove the most fruitful results.

Not only is an Ad management platform wise to leveraging your keyword game, but how you choose to structure your ad campaigns is just as critical. 

You’ll want to leverage a comprehensive approach to configuring each campaign. Take advantage of a healthy mix of automatic and manual campaigns to embody a deliberate approach to your targeting strategy.

Combine your ad strategy with your mastered keyword game to leverage the best results. Mayan is one such growth automation platform that optimizes advertising for Amazon Sellers, where customers see an average of 30% increase in ad sales during their first month.


We know for sure that the Amazon marketplace continues to evolve. It's crucial to your success that you stay ahead of keyword trends, explore new methods, and be diligent in practicing your deliberate hunt for keyword mastery.

It’s not enough anymore to rely on tried and true methods or tools. It’s important to stay agile in your quest for Amazon success, and the same is true for keyword mastery.

Amazon keywords are the cornerstone of your product’s visibility, conversion rate, and organic rank. Mastering your keyword game is the key to Amazon mastery.

If you’re interested in seeing what Mayan can do for your Amazon FBA business, sign up today. We’re excited to show you our platform and run an audit to show you the opportunities our platform can provide. Once we’re aligned on your goals, we can get started bringing your business to the next level. Ready to see how Mayan can help?

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