How Auris Optimized Ads with Mayan - and Freed Up Time to Acquire Another Business

With Mayan, Auris Grew 50%+ Annually…in 2021 and 2022.

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Executive Summary

Auris’ business in 2020 was an undisputed success, generating half a million in revenue mainly from one product alone. However, with competitors entering their section of the consumer electronics space and with the need to diversify revenues, Auris utilized Mayan’s managed advertising service with Machine Learning-driven technology in February 2021 to grow the business. This gave Jay from Auris the opportunity to buy a new business, which Mayan is now managing as well.


Mayan helped Auris generate a 60% year-over-year growth in sales in 2021, followed by a projected 52% growth thus far in 2022. In addition, thanks to increased revenues and profits from Auris, Jay was able to purchase another burgeoning Amazon business in a different industry, where we at Mayan have also generated strong returns for that new business in the initial months.

How Mayan Helped

Using the powerful combination of Mayan's PPC Experts and Machine Learning-driven technology, Mayan was able to optimize Auris' advertising

It is not easy to see product-level data on Amazon Seller Central; however, our dashboard and reporting product identified areas of opportunity. Our technology and experts identified that the black variation of the product consistently drove nearly 90% of the sales, along with higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and lower ROAS metrics across nearly all campaigns.

By using our Machine Learning-driven tools such as Keyword Discovery and Automated Full Campaign Coverage, we separated the campaigns to focus on the black variation to allow for further growth of the revenues and profits. For the newly-launched products, we delivered a highly-profitable 5+ ROAS within a month of launch to allow for significant growth. In addition, we helped the sales growth across several other countries of all Auris’ products throughout our years of working together.


At Mayan, our challenge was that Auris’ existing campaigns were already some of the most well-optimized that we had ever managed, and Auris’ account did not have the typical quick wins that are seen from when we first begin working with a new customer.Additionally, Auris was launching new products throughout the next year, and they wanted to balance out the sales between the two color variations of the original parent ASIN.

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