How A Licensed Products Business Achieved 267% Higher Sales

Mayan helped Bazillion Dreams, a licensed products Amazon Seller, identify new high-selling products, improve their ROAS by 812%, and much more.

Executive Summary

Bazillion Dreams (BD) has been selling licensed products on Amazon for several years before turning to the Mayan platform. Thanks to our partnership where we optimized their campaigns while BD streamlined their inventory process, BD generated its highest non-holiday sales month ever in March ‘21.

How Mayan Helped

Our Mayan platform revamped various campaigns to add more volume and fix previously-mismanaged campaigns. Specifically, we identified certain shoe products that could grow in sales with improved campaigns.


When selling licensed products, one of the biggest challenges for sellers is competing for the Amazon Buy Box, and BD was no different. Additionally, BD had over 10,000 SKUs in its Amazon store, so identifying new high-selling products was also a challenge. Before Mayan, BD had worked with several Amazon partners. While some products essentially sold themselves due to their exclusivity, BD was interested in finding new “diamond products” that were undervalued and deserved more ad spend.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

We delivered on BD’s request to find “diamond products” -- compared to the previous two months, the performance significantly improved during our two months together with the return on ad spend (ROAS) increasing from 1.22 to 11.13, an 812% improvement. We also delivered 126% higher sales for the shoe products compared to the previous period.

Overall, the entire ad account was improved with optimized campaigns, allowing for increased sales. Our future plans are to continue to build upon the success we’ve attained together. The most recent three months with Mayan demonstrated significantly higher sales growth (year-over-year, or YoY), with March ‘21 generating 267% higher sales versus March ‘20.

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