Mayan Grows Enterprise Amazon Seller's ROAS by 25% in Just 3 Months

We at Mayan partnered with one of the fastest growing companies in North America that has developed numerous successful brands as a top 10 seller.

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Executive Summary

We at Mayan partnered with one of the fastest growing companies in North America that has developed numerous successful brands as a top 10 seller on Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Thanks to our advertising automation platform, this Seller was not only able to scale their advertising capabilities but was also able to optimize campaigns more effectively - Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) increased by 25% in the first three months.


While scaling and optimizing campaigns are often mutually exclusive, we were able to achieve both for this Amazon Seller. In just three months, Mayan was able to help the Amazon Seller increase daily ad sales by 140% while still increasing ROAS by 25%.

This is typically a difficult task, given the often negative correlation between increasing spend and decreasing ROAS. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership, where we will be managing more of this Amazon Seller’s accounts after having proven value with their initial brands.

During the first 3 month period that this Enterprise Amazon Seller worked with Mayan, daily ROAS improved. The average ROAS grew to 3.89 compared to a previous average of 2.99. This was all while increasing ad sales by 140%.


Prior to working with us, this Amazon Seller had partnered with another advertising automation platform - however, the partnership ended with less than desired performance outcomes. On Amazon, this Seller required a solution more closely tailored to their needs. When we first partnered with this Amazon Seller, they almost entirely implemented auto advertising campaigns on their products due to the amount of time it takes to execute manual accounts.

Additionally, this Seller often launches new products and its active listing changes on a weekly basis. They needed a way of expanding advertising capabilities efficiently without compromising on other areas of their business.

How Mayan Helped

We leveraged our proprietary tech platform to optimize and then scale the campaigns of one of the Amazon Seller’s brands. All advertising campaigns were automated, thereby accelerating manual account creation. Furthermore, Mayan was able to create more accurate and detailed reporting than that of Amazon Seller Central’s in order to empower and collaborate with the rest of this Seller’s teams.

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