What Will Be Amazon’s Top Selling Items For Summer?

April 6, 2023

A new season for Amazon FBA sellers can mean a product listings refresh. Here’s what we predict will sell for summer 2023.

Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. While we're here dreaming of warm afternoons by the pool and cool drinks with friends, is your Amazon store ready for the summer rush? One easy way to start your inventory preparation is to look at a list of the top selling items on Amazon for summer and see if your product listings are aligned as best they can be with the coming season. 

Whether it's Prime Day coupons or optimizing your store's keywords for Black Friday sales, it's important to sync up your Amazon store with the annual holiday calendar. Customers' shopping habits typically flow with the seasons, so you want your FBA business to do the same. And it doesn't have to be as hard as it seems sometimes - preparing for bigger sales in 2023 can come in the form of refreshing your product offers in your Amazon store to optimizing your current product listings. 

It's also essential to stay in-the-know about Amazon's top selling products. One of the best ways to do that is to research the best sellers on Amazon from the previous year. Well, you're in luck, because we have a list of Amazon's top selling items from last summer.

How Do I Find What Sells the Most on Amazon?

We can't write a blog post about some of the top selling items on Amazon for summer without going over Average Best Sellers Rank. Using the acronym BSR, this measurement specifies how well a product is selling on Amazon. Simply put, 1 is the best - and in general a lower number for a BSR means that the product is a best seller.

Screenshot of a product's BSR.

To find a specific Amazon's Best Selling Rank, just scroll down to the product details section and you'll find it near the bottom of the list. The BSR is usually marked for a couple of categories, some more general (like Beauty & Personal Care) and then more specific categories like Lip Balms & Moisturizers as you can see for this Burt's Bees lip balm.

And if the product is a best seller in its category, you might see an Amazon badge on the listing as well. 

Search For the Best Selling Products on Amazon: FBA Seller Hack

Now for a product research DIY trick. Did you know that one of the simplest ways for eager FBA sellers to find Amazon's best selling products at any given time is to look it up yourself using Ahrefs? Check out the website Ahrefs - Amazon's handy keyword tool. 

Ahrefs is your Amazon product listings hack. Using this Amazon tool, you can spend some time researching what search terms Amazon shoppers are looking up on the platform and then align your own Amazon store's product listings with those specific search terms. Just make sure to click the appropriate country when putting in those search terms, as you can look up product listings from a number of Amazon marketplaces around the world.

Ahref's keyword suggestions for "pet".

If it's your first time using Ahrefs, start by looking up something general, like 'pet', if you're in the pet products game. Checking the best selling products for this simple term does help, because dozens upon dozens of search terms will appear, and you can find the ones that match with what you're selling on Amazon. 

Then, you can go more specific with a search term like 'dog bed' and still buckets of best selling items will come up. This research tool can also give you ideas for expanding your product offers. It's your basic SEO tool and how content is created.

Ahref's keywords suggestions can give you ideas for expanding your product offers.

Top Selling Items on Amazon 2022

We are data-driven here at Mayan. So to help you with your quest to find the best products to list in your store, we've collected the top search terms on Amazon.com and ASINs from Q2 of last year. After looking through the data, we put together this list of some of the top selling items on Amazon for summer 2022. These items are seasonal, and we predict similar products will be top performers for many FBA sellers in summer 2023. 

Take a look and see how this data can help you with your seller strategy for this quarter. If some of the products on this list align with your brand, you could be on the way to getting better profits next quarter. Let's dive in!

Top Sold Items on Amazon: Summer Edition

Here’s your summer edition of the top selling items on Amazon from the previous year. We retrieved the top 20 most-searched terms for Q2 along with the top best selling items on Amazon for those specific terms. These are the summer-specific products that landed in the top 20 overall, bringing in big numbers and sales last year. 

Top Selling Item #1: Summer Dresses for Women

Summer dresses will be HOT during the summer (pun intended).

Basically, it’s women's clothing items that win the day when it comes to top sold products on Amazon. Whether it’s for 2022 or prior, we can safely predict that women’s clothing items will also be top sellers in 2023 as well. The search term ‘Summer dresses for women’ was the number 2 search term for Q2 last year, and the top selling products for this category and search term were simple summer dresses like these, with pockets, boho-style, short-sleeve, or sleeveless. 

And for your reference, the most popular search term for Q2 2022 was ‘Mother’s Day Gifts’ and number 3 was ‘Fathers Day Gifts’. Every quarter has holidays in the calendar that can be big for business, so make sure you prepare for that at least three months prior to any specific holiday. 

Top Selling Item #2: Women’s Swimsuits

Women's clothing in general wins the day for top sold products on Amazon during the summer!

Stylish women’s swimsuits like these were all the rage last summer. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and the high-waist bottom is very swimmer-friendly! These items were in the top 10 best sellers on Amazon overall between the months of April and July, and you can expect similar women’s swimsuits to make the highly-coveted list of top selling items for this summer.

Top Selling Item #3: Women’s Summer Tops

Summer tops are also best selling items for summer on Amazon!

Casual, flowy, and fun, these top selling items were the best performers for the search term ‘women’s summer tops’ last summer on Amazon. These blouses are colorful, they go with just about anything, and can be worn for a night out or during the day, so it’s no surprise that this item is still a best seller on Amazon for the Women’s Clothing category. Get in on the trend and add this product to your list of items to sell. 

Top Selling Item #4: Crocs

Crocs are the perfect summer shoe - makes sense why they sell the most during this season!

Everyone’s favorite practical shoe (some even claim they are the perfect hiking shoes), Crocs were one of the top selling items on Amazon last Q2. Keep it simple with Crocs that sell at competitive prices and have great customer reviews regarding their quality and durability. You can see in the screenshot above that the top selling Crocs last year were neutral-colored. 

Top Selling Item #5: Women’s Sandals

Summer sandals are also a great product to sell!

The last summer-related item on our list of Amazon best sellers from 2022 is women’s sandals. This search term ranked at #17 overall between April and July, and the top selling item in the category was this open toe strap sandal. Practical and stylish, this was the summer wedge last year and it seemed to fly off the shelves of your local Amazon warehouse. 

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