How Sellers Can Get Amazon Badges To Increase Conversions And Sales

March 22, 2023

Amazon badges are one of the ways that FBA sellers can catch the eye of online shoppers. Mayan breaks down all you need to know in this blog post.

When browsing for best new products to buy on Amazon, shoppers may notice certain or ribbons tags posted on some product listings - these are known as Amazon badges. In a competitive e-commerce market, a tool like an Amazon badge can really help you stand out from similar product listings in that category. As a professional FBA seller, they are definitely something you want to work on earning if you want to maximize your sales on Amazon in 2023.  

But what exactly are these Amazon badges? What is the best badge you can get? How many badges are there available for sellers? This post goes through everything you need to know about Amazon badges and how to get the ones you need for your business. 

Amazon Badges: What Are They?

Amazon badges are a type of certification or label on a product listing. Similar to the Buy Box, these badges are given to sellers by Amazon if their items qualify for that specific badge. 

One example is that 'Amazon Choice' ribbon you'll see right above certain product listings, which you can find on the SERP page or on the individual product listing page itself. But there are other types of Amazon badges, including the Best-Seller badge, a New Release badge, Deal of the Day badge, and more. 

While the algorithm does update from time to time, some of the best ways to get an Amazon badge is to have high sales velocity and good customer reviews

Online shoppers these days are bombarded with so many different graphics, pictures, and videos that entrepreneurs use to help their products stand out. Badges are one of those graphics which highlights what makes the item more distinctive in the world of the Amazon marketplace. 

This means that having a badge in your product listing is part of the recipe in 2023 that will help your Amazon store perform to the best of its ability. Furthermore, having the right type of Amazon badge – one that aligns with your target audience and your brand's values – is what you should aim for if you want to help increase your FBA business's profits this year. 

But first, let's go over the different types of Amazon badges that FBA sellers can get, what they are, how you can earn them so you can maximize your sales on Amazon in 2023.

What are the different types of Amazon badges that FBA sellers can get?

  1. Amazon Best-Seller Badge
  2. Amazon Choice Badge
  3. Amazon New Release Badge
  4. Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge
  5. Amazon Prime Badge
  6. Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day Badge
  7. Extra Savings, Coupons, and Discounts

Best Amazon Badges For FBA Sellers in 2023

Here we break down some details on the best Amazon badges available to FBA sellers and how you can get them to help boost your business

Amazon Best Seller Badge

Example of a "Best Seller" badge.

One of the most coveted of the Amazon badges available to FBA sellers, you can get the Best Seller badge to jazz up your product listing if your product is in the 100 top sellers for whichever specific category/sub-category it's listed under. 

The Amazon Best Seller Badge differs for each market, so it won't necessarily be listed as such in the U.S. marketplace and Amazon India marketplace, which makes sense. Our seller tip for you is to focus on getting those positive customer reviews and a high sales velocity, which will give you the best chance at getting this highly coveted badge on your product(s). Sales velocity is particularly important when it comes to getting this badge, because the Amazon best sellers are updated on an hourly basis, which is based on sales data. You can get this badge at different times of the day and not even know it!

You can find this orange badge on the top left of a product listing either in SERP or in the product listing page itself.

Amazon Choice Badge

"Amazon's Choice" badge on a product listing.

Sellers, up your keyword game and you'll be on track to snag this one, the Amazon Choice Badge. The product listings with this particular Amazon badge are the ones that match up with the keywords that customers are typing in SERP. 

If you have enough keywords to go around for your listing, that means that you can get the Amazon Choice Badge for a lot of different keywords and keyphrases. Mayan's seller tip here is to think up the best long-tail keywords so that you can potentially rank (and get the badge) for the right keywords in that search category. 

Amazon New Release 

This vacuum cleaner listing received the "#1 New Release" badge from Amazon.

This is where a solid PPC campaign and product launch are essential. If you want to earn the Amazon New Release Badge, FBA sellers have to have a high sales velocity once their new product is launched - basically within the first few days of being listed on the Amazon marketplace. 

FBA sellers can grab this Amazon badge for a product that's been on the Amazon marketplace for 90 days or less. 

What will make your product listing stand out? 

  1. Fully optimized product listing so that you can rank on the 1st page for that specific keyword.
  2. Beat your competitors with higher sales and better listings.

Climate Pledge-Friendly Badge

Products with "Climate Pledge Friendly" badges.

This Amazon badge may or may not be possible for you depending on what you sell. If you have a product in your Amazon store that can qualify as "sustainable", "eco-friendly", or "climate-friendly" then you can get this badge. 

Some examples of Climate Pledge Friendly badges are in the image above, which are the green graphics at the bottom of the product title and description. The picture is of typical "eco-friendly" products, including bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo cotton towels. 

Amazon Prime Badge

Products with exclusive deals for Prime Day.

Amazon Prime is such a big day for online shoppers and sellers alike, and this particular Amazon badge can really help your sales numbers if you're able to get it. 

Getting the Amazon Prime Badge on one or more of your product listings obviously comes with a lot of perks. Not only will your listing be ranked pretty high in your product category, you'll also get a better chance at higher conversions as well as getting that highly coveted Buy Box, which will really up your sales. But all of this isn't so easy. To get the badge, you have to be SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) qualified and be able to successfully complete Amazon's trial period for quick product delivery and customer service. 

Amazon Badges: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are Amazon badges relevant to Amazon FBA sellers in 2023? Amazon badges are useful to boost your product listings organically and give customers that extra confidence to buy the products you have registered to buy in the Amazon marketplace.
  2. What is the best badge you can get? How many badges are there available for sellers? While there are multiple badges available for sellers, one of the best Amazon badges that sellers can get is the "Amazon Choice" badge, because it really cements your place as the best product in that specific category or sub category. Most online shoppers trust this badge, meaning your sales will dramatically increase once you get the Amazon Choice badge. 
  3. How can obtaining an Amazon badge help sellers grow their business? An Amazon badge will typically increase consumer confidence in your product, and Amazon will give you better placements. This will in turn increase your sales velocity to help maximize your profits. The best way to get a badge is to have high sales velocity and good reviews for your customers. 

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