How to Maximize Profits with Ads During Amazon Prime Day 2023

April 27, 2023

Perfecting your PPC ad strategy is one of the best ways to maximize profits this Prime Day. Here's how FBA sellers can do it best in five easy steps.

The month of April is here and you know what that means – last-minute Amazon Prime Day preparation is upon us! As a pro FBA seller, have you considered the best ways to make the highest amount of sales possible for the big event this year? 

From optimizing your advertising bids to setting the right PPC ad budget, there's a few essential things to consider if you want to maximize your profits this Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Why FBA Sellers Need a PPC Ad Strategy For Prime Day

Since its inception, customers often are routinely found shopping on the e-commerce platform during Amazon Prime Day in record numbers compared to most other periods throughout the year. This makes Prime Day not your typical Tuesday or Wednesday for FBA sellers – it's a shopping mega-holiday where FBA sellers like yourself can take advantage and bring in higher sales numbers for your e-commerce business. 

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest events of the year for any Amazon seller.

Last year's Prime Day in July was Amazon's most successful to date, with over 300 million items sold to Prime-eligible customers across the globe for the mega two-day event. With all of those shoppers and clicks, how can a business like yours grab a piece of the pie and maximize sales?

As an FBA business owner and entrepreneur in 2023, you need to update your marketing strategy for Amazon Prime Day before you can think about making profits for this event. And in fact, one of the best ways that FBA sellers can prepare for Prime Day is to set up their PPC ads for this specific time period when online shoppers are browsing (with intent, for that matter) and clicking like crazy to purchase their most sought-after items on Amazon. Will this scenario include your Amazon store's hottest items? 

Now's the time to solidify your ad strategy for Prime Day 2023!

This is why a solid advertising plan for Prime Day will not only help you maximize your store's profits during the big day, but it can also set your Amazon store up for more success throughout the rest of the year.

While our preparing for Prime Day article goes into more detail, we wanted to create a FBA sellers guide that's a little more specific for you guys. Take a look through this blog post (and, take notes) on the best ways to optimize your PPC ads for this sales period so that you can make this Amazon Prime Day the most successful one to date. Ready? Let's go.

5 Ways to Optimize Your PPC Ads For Amazon Prime Day 2023

We are getting more specific in this post by sharing some of the best ways to optimize your marketing strategy for Amazon Prime Day 2023. Here's five key ways you can maximize your profits by specifically using Amazon PPC ads during Prime Day this year.

1. Make sure you don't run out of budget on the 1st day

A simple but important tip for your Prime Day ad strategy. Even though this one may seem like a no-brainer to some, you'd be surprised with how many professional FBA sellers lose out during big sales periods like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday and Cyber Monday by scheduling their bids too early during the rush. When investing time, money, management skills, not to mention some much-needed creative thinking into your business, you definitely don't want your PPC ads to run out at 10 a.m. on the first day of Amazon Prime Day. 

When going over your Prime Day ad strategy for 2023, look at the data from the previous year. Then, allocate your marketing budget accordingly so that your Amazon ads disappear from the platform just when your key customers are online, ready to buy your products. 

On that note, always check your holiday planning calendar every quarter so that you are prepared for any upcoming holidays. Is your Amazon store optimized for Father's Day or for summer product searches? It's always essential to stay on top of the game. 

2. Manage your Amazon ads to put your best products forward

Focusing on your best sellers is a better game plan for your Prime Day ad strategy.

Have some inventory that isn't moving? Sorry to break it to you, but Prime Day is most certainly not the time to try and move it. Amazon's A9 algorithm is set up to maximize sales on the platform, so your underperforming products unfortunately don't have much of a chance to get seen and be featured during one of the biggest sales periods of the year. 

If certain items in your Amazon store aren't selling during normal times of the calendar year, they are not going to sell during Prime Day. To set yourself up for success for Prime Day 2023, just leave them for now and invest in your top performing products, got it?

3. Create PPC ads that are unique to your business

Your FBA business is not alone in this space of millions, which means that you have to find a way that works for your particular business to reach your target audience and maximize your sales potential. 

High-quality media for your Amazon store such as videos and some other branded content is just one of the many ways that you can stand out during Prime Day this year. Get your videos and images optimized, where they tell your brand's story. 

A busy sales time like Amazon Prime Day is an ideal time of the sales year to create something unique so that you can potentially expand your customer reach. What are you waiting for?

4. Align your inventory with your ad strategy

Don't run into unfortunate inventory stockouts! Make sure your inventory is ready to go before Prime Day 2023.

Making it big is amazing, but will your FBA business be able to handle it? Don't forget this important step in the ad strategy process for Amazon Prime Day. Basically, don't plan a winning marketing plan without considering if you have the capacity. We suggest doing some essential housekeeping the few months and weeks leading up to the days if you want to maximize your sales. 

To begin, make sure your inventory is there so that you can avoid any sudden inventory stockouts. Looking at last year's data is important here, and there's some tools available to help.

Prime Day is undoubtedly a highly competitive time for sellers, so many e-commerce businesses will be increasing their ad spend by at least 50% during this period. You can increase your marketing spend by that much and more if you plan accordingly and want to stay competitive, but just make sure you have the inventory available in your FBA warehouse for the next few months.

5. Your PPC ads shouldn't begin and end on Amazon Prime Days

Use Prime Day as a sales booster!

One last expert tip that we're leaving you with here is to take advantage of the days before and after Prime Day. To set your business up for increased sales this year, allocate some of your PPC ad budget for these days when millions of online shoppers are on the hunt for deals. 

One reason for this is that there's a possibility that the competition is putting much of their ad spend into Prime Day specific days, so this tip will also help set your business apart from the others. You can attract those shoppers during the quieter periods when the competition and price for ads isn't so steep and you can still potentially maximize your sales. It's a win-win!

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