Mayan and Azama Brands Elevate Legend Cookware to 859% Prime Day Growth

In a strategic collaboration with Mayan and Azama Brands, Legend Cookware saw a 13x increase in sales on the first day of Prime Day, hitting six figures in just a single day.

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Executive Summary

Legend Cookware, a renowned e-commerce brand specializing in professional-grade stainless steel pots and pans, partnered with Mayan and Azama Brands to enhance their Amazon Ads strategy.

Initially struggling with a solid growth strategy and managing TACOS, Legend Cookware found success from Mayan's targeted advertising solutions and the use of advanced reporting tools. This collaboration led to a significant boost in their Prime Day performance, despite inventory challenges impacting subsequent sales peaks. Leveraging Mayan’s strategies on Prime Day 2023, Legend Cookware experienced a notable 13x increase in sales, reaching six figures in just one day, and achieving a 20% rise in units sold on the first day compared to the previous year, culminating in an 859% growth during the Prime Day event.  This success story highlights the impact of Mayan's expert strategy in optimizing key shopping events for enhanced e-commerce sales.


Before engaging with Mayan and Azama Brands, Legend Cookware encountered challenges that hindered their progress in the competitive e-commerce landscape. A primary concern was the absence of a solid growth strategy, which left the brand directionless in terms of scaling its business on the Amazon platform. Additionally, challenges in managing TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and a lack of an effective pricing strategy undermined their profitability and competitive edge.

The issues were compounded by product variations that did not align with customer search behaviors, rooted in manufacturing-based decisions rather than consumer demand. This misalignment resulted in ineffective product visibility and ad targeting, further limiting Legend Cookware's ability to maximize its potential and seize market opportunities. The collaboration with Mayan and Azama Brands was thus pivotal in addressing these multi-faceted challenges and setting the course for enhanced market performance.

How Mayan Helped

A significant aspect of Mayan's strategy involved the use of advanced reports and Advertising Dashboard, which provided comprehensive financial performance data. This tool allowed for a strategic approach to gauge and adjust advertising tactics effectively. Mayan also utilized their ads automation center, a key technological asset, to minimize wasted ad spend by automatically turning off underperforming ad targets. This approach not only streamlined the ad spend but also optimized the overall advertising efficiency.

Mayan's targeted strategies significantly contributed to Legend Cookware's impressive performance during Prime Day 2023. Over the first two days, the brand not only achieved an extraordinary 13x growth in sales, soaring to six figures in a single day, but also sold 20% more units on the first day, reflecting an overall 859% growth compared to the Prime Day event in the previous year. This growth was indicative of the successful application of Mayan's technology and strategies, particularly in high-stakes sales periods.

To capitalize on Prime Day in July, Mayan and Azama Brands focused on products that had previously shown strong performance, employing targeted sponsored display ads against competitors who were not running deals. This strategic move was complemented by running Prime Day exclusive discounts and Lightning Deals, aimed at leveraging improved conversion rates associated with these promotions. Additionally, Mayan focused ad efforts on competitors not offering Prime Day deals, gaining a competitive edge during these key promotional periods.

How Azama Helped

Azama Brands implemented strategic changes to enhance Legend Cookware's Amazon Ads strategy. The first step was reorganizing product variations to mirror customer search patterns, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products. Azama focused on advertising more entry-level products priced around $200, rather than the higher-end $500 items. This strategy effectively attracted customers to the brand, with many upselling to the premium range.

Azama Brands also leveraged Amazon's deals in combination with top-performing keywords to maximize visibility on deal days. Recognizing the longer purchase decision cycle of customers, Azama adjusted the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals, considering that a significant portion of sales occurred beyond the immediate ad attribution window. This insight allowed for a more realistic and effective ad strategy.

Through these targeted approaches, Azama Brands significantly improved Legend Cookware's performance on Amazon, particularly during high-traffic events like Prime Day, leading to impressive sales growth and better market positioning.

Next Steps

In a collaborative effort, Mayan and Azama Brands are set to advance Legend Cookware towards achieving their specific financial goals, focusing on a strategic reduction in Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACOS) with an aim to reach an ambitious 10% target. This objective is part of a broader strategy to enhance profitability while maintaining a strong e-commerce presence. Mayan will leverage its expertise in targeted advertising and data-driven decision-making to ensure efficient and effective advertising investments.

Azama Brands will continue to optimize product variations in line with customer search behaviors, enhancing product visibility on Amazon. Azama's advertising techniques, such as the 'sandwich' approach for new product launches, will be employed to leverage the strong reputation of established products. This joint approach by Mayan and Azama Brands is geared towards driving sustained growth and competitiveness for Legend Cookware in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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