Countdown to Prime Day: Product Selection and Launch Strategies for FBA Growth

February 22, 2024

Get your FBA Prime Day ready with advice from industry experts on how to optimize your product listings, launch products, and maximize profitability.

Maximize Your FBA's Potential with Prime Day Preparation Tips

The countdown to Amazon Prime Day is on! Capitalize on this once-a-year Amazon seller's gold mine. Get your business ready with this jam-packed webinar featuring some of the top minds in the industry from Mayan and Gembah. This webinar will explore how to take your product listings from good to great and tools to maximize your profitability. Our experts will discuss the product lifecycle in easy-to-understand terms and explain advertising strategies so you can make this Prime Day the best one yet.

In this webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • What a great product listing on Amazon looks like
  • Mayan profitability dashboards
  • How to advertise for your product launch on Amazon
  • Product development; common pitfalls and solutions

Our panel of experts:

  • Chris Compean, CEO and Co-Founder of Mayan
  • Phillip Duong, Head of Customer Success
  • Henrik Johansson, CEO and Co-Founder of Gembah