Boosting Holiday Bliss: Master Product Seasonality to Boost Sales

October 26, 2023

Learn how to turn your product into the hottest gift item of the year with strategic keyword optimization and high-quality visuals.


Transform Your Holiday Season into a Sales Sensation

It's time to put in the work and turn your Amazon FBA into a well-oiled machine this holiday season! Part three of our Boosting Holiday Bliss series will clear up any questions you have on how to turn your product into the hottest gift item of the year. In partnership with Soona, the experts will discuss holiday-specific keyword optimization, buyer trends and expectations, and how to make your store shine through the competition with high-quality visuals.

This webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • Researching keywords for your product listings
  • Aligning PPC campaigns with keyword optimization
  • Optimizing your Amazon store for holiday shoppers with visual content
  • Using photography and videography to improve your conversion rates

Our panel of experts:

  • Phillip Duong, Head of Customer Success at Mayan
  • Laura Oxler, Director of Sales and Customer Loyalty at Soona