Amazon Product Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sourcing, Launching, and Protecting Your Product

May 12, 2023

The process of creating, developing, and launching a new product is no easy task. Hear from industry leaders about key considerations in product development.

Your Guide to Sourcing, Launching, and Protecting Your Amazon FBA Products

Creating, developing, and launching a new product comes with many challenges. Don't do it alone! Hear advice from the tried and true experts in this guide to sourcing, launching, and protecting your product. In this webinar, The Source Squad will walk you through all the things to consider when sourcing a product. Have you defined your product requirements? Do you have a clear idea for budget, product specs, and specific needs for the product? After sourcing and developing your products comes protecting it. Rich Goldstein will discuss how to protect your physical and intellectual property like your products, branding, and content. To wrap things up Andrew Laird will talk about how to advertise for your new product launch and the tools from Mayan available to help you.

In this webinar we will cover topics such as:

  • Margins and costs
  • Finding the right sourcing agents
  • Quality control and verification
  • Advertising for your product launch on Amazon
  • Protecting your products on Amazon

Our panel of experts:

  • Andrew Laird, Head of Customer Success at Mayan
  • Rich Goldstein, Principal Patent Attorney of Goldstein IPC
  • Wsam Mahmoud, Co-Founder of The Source Squad
  • Edgar Hurtado, Co-Founder of The Source Squad

Reach Your Full Potential with Mayan

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