What Is "Amazon Tailored Audiences"?

October 27, 2023

Learn how to use the powerful Amazon Tailored Audiences tool to re-engage your past customers with free email campaigns that prompt new purchases.

Amazon Tailored Audiences is a powerhouse tool that enables you to reach out to past customers with free, custom email campaigns that are designed with one mission in mind: Boosting repeat sales. 

This magic is now at your fingertips in Seller Central. But to get the most out of this customer engagement tool, you’ll need to fully understand how to best wield its purchase-baiting power. 

What Is Amazon Tailored Audiences?

Amazon Tailored Audiences is a free customer engagement tool that uses targeted emails to land your latest deals, products, and news in front of past customers at the most opportune time. 

Amazon has been making it easier for FBA sellers to build real connections with customers through engaging features like Brand Follow (launched in 2021) and Amazon badges

But the addition of the new Amazon Tailored Audiences tool has the potential to be even more valuable. With it, you’ll be able to reach out to past customers to boost sales by notifying them of new products, special promotions, and brand news through free, automated email campaigns. 

How Does the Amazon Tailored Audiences Tool Work?

The tool is simple to use, but you’ll see better results when you do some testing to find out what language, timing, and content engages and converts your customer base successfully. 

With Amazon Tailored Audiences, you can send targeted emails to customers based on key attributes that tell you which ones are most likely to buy from your store:

  1. Repeat customers: Customers who have placed more than one order through your store in the last 12 months
  2. Recent customers: The most recent purchasers (top 20%) from your store
  3. High-spend customers: The highest-spending customers (top 25%) from your store over the last 12 months 
  4. Brand followers: People who follow your brand, whether they’ve made a purchase or not

How to Use Amazon Tailored Audiences to Boost Your Business

As an FBA seller, you want to sell more products and broaden your reach to Amazon’s 300 million-plus users. Put the Amazon Tailored Audiences tool to work and make it happen!

The best part? You don't have to be an email marketing whiz to get great results from the tool. 

You’ll get evidence-based recommendations for email frequency for each audience category along with simple email templates that help you schedule automated campaigns that reach your customers when they’re most likely to buy. 

Finally, you can monitor and analyze email performance metrics to see which campaigns are making a splash -- and which ones might belong in the trash. 

Beta testers can access the tool through Seller Central under Brands > Customer Engagement. If you don’t see it yet, it’ll be available under Seller Central sometime in spring 2024 as part of the Customer Engagement tool.

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