Ready, Set, Launch: Mayan Helps Chug Buddy Discover Their Biggest Revenue Producer

Chug Buddy Grew 293% in Total Sales in Just 6 Months

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Executive Summary

A few of Chug Buddy (CB)’s drinking-related products were ineligible for advertising on Amazon, and the company was simultaneously expanding into a new product category. Thanks to the powerful combination of Mayan’s managed advertising services and proprietary Machine Learning-driven Smart Ads Platform, Mayan optimized CB’s campaigns and identified areas of opportunity. As a result, Mayan accelerated CB’s sales by 3x within 6 months.


With a Year-over-Year (YoY) growth of 100%, one of CB’s products became their biggest revenue producer and responsible for most of their sales.

In just six months, Mayan helped achieve a 293.26% growth in total sales. While ROAS before partnering with Mayan had been 1-2, after partnering with Mayan ROAS grew to consistently above 4, with ad sales accelerating by 980.41%. This impressive growth has allowed CB to deliver consistent new variation of their product lines. They are now investing more into their advertising and development of this new product.


Most of CB’s existing drinking-related products were automatically disqualified for advertising. This meant Mayan had to adopt a broader strategy that began in working with Amazon Seller Central and pinpointing those disqualifying components. Additionally, CB was launching a new product into a category the company hadn’t explored before, which required further analysis.

How Mayan Helped

Mayan took a holistic view of CB’s business to tackle larger barriers, and then leveraged its Smart Ads Platform to optimize CB’s advertising. First, by working with Amazon Seller Support, Mayan attained an in-depth understanding of what keywords were getting flagged. Mayan then provided guidance on how CB could improve their listing, thereby allowing CB to advertise at a higher percentage for all their products.

Mayan’s Smart Ads Platform also identified opportunities in ad and sales returns for their product line. Using Day of Week Bid Optimizations, for example, Mayan was able to significantly reduce CPC. The Category Targeting feature allowed CB to identify opportunities in specific product categories. Finally, the Inventory Informed Ads Automation meant that ads were automatically paused based on inventory levels, thereby helping CB maintain a high ROAS.

As sales returns grew consistently within the new category, Mayan gradually expanded the ad budget with CB’s approval. After months of momentum, CB was able to scale their new product line into a series of different color and theme variations.

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