Mayan Helps GoTags Achieve Their Highest 5 Months of Sales While Optimizing Ad Spend

After partnering with Mayan, GoTags experienced major growth milestones: Highest 5 months of sales in 18 years

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Executive Summary

GoTags is a $12M+ Amazon Pet Consumer Goods brand that began selling on Amazon in 2006. In 2022 GoTags began working with Mayan after watching their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Amazon start to slip while ad costs were growing. They came to Mayan to help manage ad costs, optimize spend, and maximize performance. GoTags sought a reliable advertising partner with consistent performance that they could trust and that would work with their evolving goals around launching new products and achieving greater ad-efficiency with smaller budgets. After partnering with Mayan, GoTags experienced their highest five months of Total Sales in their 18 years of business, where January 2023 was their highest month of Total Sales ever. Mayan also helped GoTags launch seven different products, which contributed to almost half a million dollars in sales.


Within 8 months of working with Mayan, GoTags achieved the highest month of Total Sales ever in January 2023, equivalent to 29% YoY growth in Total Sales and 64% YoY growth in Ad Sales.

GoTags continues to work with Mayan because of their transparent communication and performance. Not only did Mayan grow Total Sales, but they did so while trimming GoTags’ budget and controlling costs. In just 4 months, Mayan helped GoTags to save over $50k in advertising costs.

Within 8 months :

  • Mayan helped launch seven products, contributing to almost half a million in sales
  • Experienced five of their highest Total Sales months in their 18 years of business, all while maintaining ROAS
  • Achieved the highest month of Total Sales ever in January 2023, equivalent to 29% YoY growth in total sales and 64% YoY growth in ad sales


Although GoTags has a core team of five that manages the business, with more than 50 employees to create the products, as well as more than 10 Virtual Assistants, they wanted a team that performs and that they could trust to manage their 6-figure monthly ad budget. GoTags runs a significant number of advertising campaigns as part of their overall strategy, so any adjustments to these campaigns will make a meaningful impact to their bottom line. 

Previously, GoTags managed their advertising in-house. However, they began to observe their ROAS decline while ad costs increased. Additionally, they were seeking to expand their business by launching new products. GoTags recognized that they needed a change - they moved to Mayan to manage ad costs, as well as to optimize ad spend and maximize performance.

How Mayan Helped

Mayan Account Manager, Veronica Jardon Salas, an MIT trained Data Scientist, used Mayan's proprietary machine-learning ads-optimization software to develop advertising campaigns aligned with GoTags’ business goals. This required continuous iterations to adjust and manage the advertising strategy accordingly. 

Together, GoTags and Mayan reviewed business performance by utilizing Mayan’s Monthly Reports and Dashboards.

Mayan also created multiple advertising campaigns to help GoTags launch seven new products quickly and efficiently. Utilizing Mayan’s Keyword Generator Tool, bid adjustments and overall automations allowed GoTags to save over $50k in advertising costs in 4 months.

If you are looking for a partner to help automate the main engine that drives your business growth (advertising and inventory optimization), don’t hesitate to set up a call with us to see how Mayan can help you grow your sales during the upcoming prime-time season and beyond.
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