How Mayan Tripled High Desert Sales in 3 Months

High Desert was a new Amazon Seller that struggled to see ROI for their niche pet product. Working with Mayan, they saw an over 300% growth in monthly sales.

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Executive Summary

As a new seller on Amazon, High Desert (HD) was eager to start gaining customers and making new sales with their alfalfa hay product. At a glance, it seems as though they did everything right to set themselves up for success - they found a niche they were passionate about in the pet industry and curated a competitive product for their customer base.

Despite these efforts they were still not seeing the return on investment (ROI) that they had hoped for, and that was necessary to keep their newly launched business afloat. Enter Mayan. By utilizing the knowledge and experience of the Mayan team, High Desert saw a 3x increase in sales in only 3 months.

High Desert saw a 3x increase in sales after 3 months of working with Mayan

Why They Picked Mayan

The pet industry generally produces some of the lowest return on ad spend (ROAS), giving sellers in this market less margin to play with on ad spend.

When High Desert first began looking for a partner to help them increase their sales on Amazon, they tried out a few other options first. They even partnered with an ad agency who didn’t fully understand the nuances to this highly competitive pet industry.

Mayan was able to provide a sophisticated solution for High Desert that the other guys missed, utilizing an updated campaign structure and highly analytical bidding strategy to minimize waste on ad spend.

Results and Future Plans

The Mayan team was able to add more keywords and ASINs for a fully built-out targeting strategy for the original products. They also identified certain SKUs that were more profitable to focus the advertising efforts moving forward.

The new hyper-segmented campaigns built by Mayan delivered more profitable ads almost immediately. The Mayan team closely monitored each campaign, ensuring they aligned with a high-ROAS. With HD”s approval, budgets were slowly expanded to allow for increased sales momentum.

Within one month, High Desert saw improved results -- 93% higher sales coming from a 34% higher click-through-rate and a 24% higher conversion rate on those clicks. In month 2, the ROAS increased by an additional 26% while HD slowly increased the daily spend. This led to an additional 23% increase in sales.

The overall growth allowed HD to expand their product line, which in turn grew sales even more in our 3rd month working together. To date, HD has seen over 300% growth in monthly sales by working with Mayan. They are now in a position to expand their team and continue adding new products to their store.

“I don’t think we can say thank you enough and how much we appreciate Mayan’s help in growing our company," said Tania P, founder of High Desert.

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