Amazon Top Trending Products: Fall 2021

June 14, 2022
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Are you wondering what the top selling products are on Amazon? We’ve done the research and found the best-selling items for the month of September.

Are you wondering what the top selling items are on Amazon? We did the research and found the best selling items for the month of September, and some items might surprise you!

How does knowing the best selling products affect you as an Amazon seller? You can use the market trends to better your selling strategy when it comes to stock, design, marketing, and so much more. These top trending items are a good place to start if you’re looking to strategize and boost your Amazon sales. And from what we’ve analyzed, they are all solid product listings that are worth a look.

In this post, we take a look at Amazon’s best sellers and break down some of the reasons why they are the top listings on the platform.

Halloween Decorations: Lighted Witch Hats

What it is: These lighted witch hats with outdoor string lights for Halloween were some of the top selling items on Amazon this fall.

Why it is a best seller: Seasonal products will always do well when they are marketed and stocked at the right time. You can tell from this data that online shoppers bought early this year, as these were the trending products for the month of September. Take this into account when planning your Amazon store strategy, as it’s best to prepare any seasonal products about two month in advance of a specific holiday.

On top of these trending items being successful seasonal products, from looking at the two listings you’ll notice that they are set up to help people shop with confidence. For starters, buyers are offered free shipping and a good return policy (returnable until the end of January 2022).

Another important point is if you’re buying a seasonal item such as this one, you can run the risk of finding a product that is cheap and disposable. This is where the importance of product descriptions comes into play. These two listings have labels such as waterproof, eco-friendly, commercial grade, safe, durable – all terms that buyers want to hear if they plan on spending more than $10 on Halloween decorations that they want to last (and maybe even put up the following year!).

The takeaway: Great keywords and descriptions outlining the benefits of the product, good return policy, solid listing overall, and timely. All of these important details helped to make the items top sellers on Amazon this fall.

iPhone Cases

What it is: Three of the top ten best selling products on Amazon this fall were iPhone cases –specifically an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, an iPhone 13 Pro case and an iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

Why it is a best seller: The launch date of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max was September 24th, so these are very timely best selling items for Amazon. But, how were these specific listings able to stand out and become best sellers for the iPhone launch? For one, these Amazon listings are at a good price point. They also offer extras like free shipping with Prime (cheap and free delivery over a certain amount) as well as free returns.

The product listings for these iPhone cases show the perks of these items by labeling them as military grade, shock-proof, heavy duty, comfortable grip, anti-slip, and anti-fingerprint. The benefits of the items are shown through eye-catching graphics and in the product description area.

With this iPhone case sold by Elando, buyers can get to know this company a little better through the brand story that’s told on the product listing page. If shoppers click on your store but are still unsure about making a purchase, a brand story by text and/or video helps to give buyers a way to get to your shop a little better, which instills confidence and eventually more purchases.

The takeaway: Even though the items come at a low price, customers still want to buy something with confidence. So telling a brand story and adding every detail in the product descriptions is essential. iPhone cases, gadgets, and extras are something to prepare for when the next iPhone launches.

Pop It 50 Piece Fidget Poppers Pack

What it is: Probably the most popular kids toy of the year, this 50 piece Fidget Poppers Pack made the best seller list on Amazon in September.

Why it is a best seller: With so many types of Pop Its everywhere, how can this listing be the best seller? Sold by Zen Laboratory Store, this pack has everything you could want when it comes to Pop It toys and the like. Not only does the product page description have every item listed that’s in the pack, the seller also highlights the key benefits of Pop It toys which directly speaks to the target market.

Items in this Pop It pack are labeled as “Perfect stress and anxiety reducing games” and “Therapy and calm down corner toys”. Adding this section to the description not only speaks directly to the market, but answers customers' questions about why these Pop Its are so popular in the first place. The seller even helpfully breaks down the main toys in this kit to show their purpose/main benefits.

The takeaway: All-in-one kit where the seller knows the target audience and answers consumer questions in different ways on the product page.

Women Medieval Renaissance Costume/Halloween costumes for women

What it is: An intricate cosplay costume inspired by the Medieval and Renaissance periods, but marketed for Halloween.

Why it is a best selling item: The search term used by people who bought this item was “Halloween costumes for women''. While this top selling item on Amazon isn’t necessarily a Halloween costume, the seller added Halloween in the product title to help drive sales. The description section also has lots of Halloween-related keywords (even some Halloween-related emojis), which no doubt helped drive sales for the Halloween shopping season.

The item is also very intricate looking, but sold at a lower cost than what you’d find in a costume store with period pieces such as this one.

The takeaway: As an Amazon seller, you should always think about how you can tweak your store to go with the upcoming season.

iPhone Generation 64 Unlocked

What it is: This top 10 best selling item is an unlocked iPhone Generation SE that’s been refurbished under Amazon Renewed Premium standards. The seller’s Renewed and Renewed Premium policy gives buyers a 90-day or a 1-year satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Why it is a best seller: Buying a refurbished phone is a cost-efficient and even an eco-friendly option nowadays. The search term “iPhone” was comparatively high due to the new iPhone on the market. With lots of iPhones selling this fall, it’s no doubt other types will be in demand as well. Buying an unlocked phone is also a great idea, especially if you’re traveling or have plans to move abroad. In fact, unlocked phones have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

The seller has also added a Q & A section at the end of the product listing. More sellers are choosing to add a question and answer section to their Amazon store because a): it’s an effective customer service strategy b): it saves both you and the customer time, as their most frequently asked queries are right there on the product page instead of having potential buyers email you with questions.

The takeaway: Solid Amazon listings usually have a Question and Answer section. This is especially useful if you are selling something technical, or that’s been refurbished.

Apple Watch Band–5 Pack

What it is: This top selling item is currently rated #2 in the smart watch bands category on Amazon. It’s an adjustable band for a wireless smart watch with lots of choices for sizes and colors.

Why it is a best seller: The beautiful graphics on this product page really help this listing stand out. They’re effective because they target the consumer and inform shoppers of the item’s many benefits like premium material and safety design at the same time. And, having Amazon’s Choice marked on your listing doesn’t hurt, either.

Another highlight of this Amazon listing is that there’s a range of videos of real people using the product.

The takeaway: Quality videos and graphics for an Amazon listing can go a long way.

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

What it is: Stereo sound quality TOZO T10 earbuds with deep bass sound, waterproof design, noise reduction, one step pairing, and more.

Why it is a best seller: This is a solid Amazon listing that ticks all the boxes. There’s detailed descriptions, keywords are in the right place, there’s an Q & A section, warranty information, free product support, a return policy, and not to mention graphics with further descriptions of the product.

Without a big brand name behind them, this product listing shows quality and affordability and it’s #5 in Earbud and in-ear headphones on Amazon.

The takeaway: Smaller brands can be successful on Amazon by putting up listings that offer customers something extra, such as a warranty, a good return policy, and product support.

It’s essential to be on top of the market trends to spruce up your Amazon store for any upcoming holidays, seasons, etc. We recommend checking the top sellers every month or two, and see if there are any gaps in your store and see where you can improve your stock. Taking some time to analyze Amazon’s best selling items, even for each quarter, can truly help improve your business.

You Can Find The Top Selling Amazon Products, Too

Clearly, Halloween is over so it is unlikely that Halloween-related products will be top selling products for the rest of 2021 or for early 2022. In addition, it may be hard to compete with existing Amazon Sellers who are already selling the latest technology and accessories. So how do you become one of these seemingly lucky Amazon Sellers who is able to identify best selling items on Amazon?

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