What Are The Most Popular Items on Amazon This Fall 2022?

August 31, 2022

Are you wondering what the top selling products are on Amazon? We’ve done the research and found the best-selling items for this fall 2022.

Pumpkin spice, busy Halloween stores, the smell of baked pies - fall is just around the corner. Are you an Amazon FBA seller looking for the latest product ideas for this fall? Online shoppers always search for different products depending on the time of year. When it comes to updating your listings, it's important to research the most popular items on Amazon to see if it's possible to take advantage of some of the latest online shopping trends. 

Because we know that people's purchasing habits are based on the season, it's vital as an e-commerce entrepreneur to update your Amazon store at least each quarter, even if it means just optimizing your product listings with the most relevant keywords in the descriptions and titles. 

Last year, we created a blog post on the trendiest products selling on Amazon for fall. Now, we're taking things a step further…because why not, right? 

In this post for fall products 2022, we'll go through the best selling items on Amazon for fall 2021 and make our expert predictions for the 2022 top sellers based on last year's numbers. Analytics is kind of our thing and it's what we do best. So, we put our data-driven minds to work and put together this list of what's gonna sell in Q4 on Amazon this year, why they are big sellers, and how an Amazon FBA seller like yourself can strive for the best profit margins by knowing which popular items to add to your list of products so that your store keep raking in those profits. 

And for some extra golden nuggets of wisdom, we've included some tips at the end of this blog post on how to find the best items to sell on Amazon. 

What Are The Most Popular Items Bought on Amazon?

Amazon FBA sellers can get inspiration from these best selling items during last year’s Q4 – here are some of the best selling items based on last year's product trends. Let's go over the most popular items bought on Amazon this time last year and why they can be profitable for you. 

According to last year's top sellers, here's what to sell for fall 2022 in your Amazon store:

1. Christmas Decorations: LED String Lights

In the fall, many people are already searching for Christmas decorations.

What the product is: The biggest search term for last year's Q4 was 'Christmas Decorations' and the biggest sellers in that category were holiday lights and these products were one of the most popular items sold on Amazon in the fall. This specific product ranks as the number 3 product for the search term "Christmas decorations" during that quarter and they are Twinkle Star LED Window String Lights, perfect for your winter holiday decorations. 

Why it's a top selling item: The first thing that pops out in this listing is the beautiful images and video on the product page. Which is SO important, especially when you are selling something when the key motivation behind purchasing a specific product is for the aesthetic. It's all about knowing what you're selling, why there is shopper demand for the item, and aligning your Amazon marketing strategy with those key factors.

Your advertising strategy: This is a seasonal item, and you'll need to evaluate your advertising strategy carefully since keywords like "Christmas decorations" will likely be highly competitive. However, many of your competitors will also likely go out of stock, which can give you an edge.

Key takeaways: That being said, our expert seller tip we have for you is to not waste your time and money adding a new product to your store if you aren't going to back up the listing with captivating imagery. 

2. Tactical Pen with Pocket Clip

This tactical pen has clear product imagery and has packed its listing with relevant keywords related to gifts

What the product is: A practical gift for that practical person in your life. This Tactical Pen is a heavy-duty, multi-functional pen that was one of the top sellers on Amazon during the fall and into the holidays last year. 

Why it's a top selling item: This product listing ticks all the boxes when it comes to optimization. The descriptions are clear and each section communicates to the customer what they are getting and how the product works. Also, you'll notice how some important seasonal keywords are at the beginning of the product title. This means that the seller was mindful of optimizing this product page for the holiday season. One of the top 10 search terms for last year's Q4 on Amazon was "gifts for men" so this seller did their research and put those keywords in accordingly.

Your advertising strategy: Even if keywords like "gifts for men" are highly competitive, optimizing your listing with strategic keywords and clear product imagery can make you stand out from the crowd.

Key takeaways: Optimize your page for the holidays, FBA sellers! With the fall season upon us, it’s time to start updating your product listings. Want to plan for the holiday rush? Here are our top tips on creating a winning holiday selling strategy, with quotes from our data experts at Mayan.

3. Shower Steamers by Cleverfy

This product is marketed towards self care and also employs a coupon

What the product is: Like bath bombs, but for your shower. These Cleverfy Shower Streamers were one of the most popular items sold on Amazon last fall.

Why it's a top selling item: The weather starts to get colder and people are craving self-care. When looking at the listings for these products, you can see that they were marketed as gifts for women and men. Another important thing to note is that aromatherapy products have become big sellers in the wellness category over the past few years. Not to mention, this product listing makes the most of its image and description space. Check it out for some seller inspiration!

Your advertising strategy: Notice that this seller is implementing an extra 20% coupon. Psychologically, the satisfaction that customers receive from checking this box and getting a discount will motivate them further to complete the purchase.

Key takeaways: Being a trendy product isn’t always enough. If you think you have a winning product idea for your FBA store, make sure you also optimize those product listings with detailed descriptions

4. Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween costumes are seasonal, but this costume can also be marketed for other purposes (such as cosplay)

What the product is: This black fitted dress and costume for women is a consistent seller on Amazon for Halloween. We mentioned a similar item in our post on top trending products on Amazon for fall. 

Why it's a top selling item: If you’re looking for Halloween items to sell, know that some of the top sellers on Amazon for the months of September and October will be Halloween costumes. This item has numerous choices and colors to choose from as well.

Your advertising strategy: Be strategic about the keywords you bid on. If you already have a tight margins, don't find yourself spending too much on highly competitive keywords that may make you unprofitable.

Key takeaways: Be seasonal, but keep it classic. It’s important to note that really topical costumes like this Squid Game costume might only be the trend for one or two seasons, so best to go with some classics if you’re looking for a more long-term inventory selling strategy. Also keep in mind that clothing and costumes can also be tricky on Amazon due to high return rates.

5. Halloween Decorations: Wall Stickers

These festive bat wall stickers are likely simple to manufacture and ship, but be sure to keep an eye on your customer reviews to ensure that customers are satisfied with the quality of your product

What the product is: These bat wall stickers were another best selling item last fall on Amazon. Themed stickers like this come up on lots of 'most popular items' lists, so it's worth it to look through these listings to see if selling items like this on your own Amazon store would be a good option. 

Why it's a top selling item: This is another solid listing, where the target keywords are in the right place and the images are dynamic. These are affordable halloween decorations, so that might have been a good selling point for shoppers. Take a look at the product reviews and you'll see that some buyers had complaints about the adhesive. If you plan on selling a similar product in your store, make sure to do some quality control first. Even if something is only sold for the season, we all know that bad customer reviews on Amazon can hurt your brand.

Your advertising strategy: Bid strategically on keywords so that your advertising costs don't eat up your profits, especially for a low priced product like this.

Key takeaways: Back up your winning product listings with quality products so that customers will keep returning to your store. 

How To Find Product Ideas for Amazon FBA Sellers

Are you an FBA seller looking for your next big product idea? Whether you're an established brand on Amazon or you're more of a newbie looking for your selling niche, there are so many ways to find the best product ideas to sell on your Amazon store. 

  • The best products to sell on Amazon can be found by first identifying the search volume (in other words, how many people searching for those) and then the Purchase rate (which is how many people are actually buying the product). 
  • A higher purchase rate means lower opportunities for entering into the ranking and boosting your store's sales and profits. 
  • So to find that sweet spot, you want to have a blend of high volume keywords with low purchase rates.

Launch and Advertise Your New Products this Fall 2022

Now that you’ve found the perfect product to sell….how will you launch it and market it?

When it comes to ad optimization, you definitely don't want to go all in and throw your ad spend budget away before developing the right strategy. This is where Mayan comes in, as we’ve helped so many brands build their winning advertising strategy on Amazon to help them succeed in the e-commerce space.

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