Mayan Does Las Vegas Right: Amazon Seller Tips and Trends from Prosper Show 2022

April 5, 2022

Mayan attended and exhibited at the 2022 Prosper Show in Las Vegas, an educational and networking conference for Amazon sellers.

Neon lights, bright colors, and excitement - what better place to connect with others around the future of Ecommerce than in Las Vegas?

Mayan attended the Prosper Show last year in Las Vegas for the first time, but this year we decided to go big or go home. We were excited, to say the least - it was our first time having our own exhibitor booth out on the conference floor. As part of the Mayan team, this was also my first time attending Prosper Show, so I’ll be sharing some of my impressions as well.

What Is Prosper Show in Las Vegas?

The Prosper Show is an educational and networking conference for Amazon sellers looking to scale their businesses more efficiently. During the day, there are numerous speakers and experts who present their techniques and insights that can help an Amazon seller grow their business. And of course there’s the actual exhibit area, where you can check out the latest service providers and technology. In the evenings, there are numerous networking events as well. Needless to say, when attending Prosper Show, wear comfortable shoes - seriously.

screenshot of julia's iphone steps at the prosper show 2022
Screenshot of my Steps count during Prosper Show (3/13 - 3/15) - just an entire day of running around the exhibit hall and Las Vegas!

At Mayan, where we optimize advertising for Amazon Sellers, we attended with the intention of learning and sharing our industry knowledge, as well as connecting with new customers or potential partners. When it came to exhibiting, we had a lot of fun showcasing our “vibes” - we had a music playlist playing that our CEO Ernesto Reza-Garduño had put together, and we even gave out pie in honor of Pie Day on 3/14.

The mayan team standing around a table, having a discussion at the prosper show 2022
At the Mayan booth, we're a proud bunch of nerds and during Prosper Show it happened to be 3/14 - so we celebrated Pie Day by having pie at our booth! Pictured above, left to right, are employees Chris Compean (COO and Co-Founder), Armand Mignot (CFO and Co-Founder), Ben Shriber (Account Executive) and Andrew Laird (Senior Account Manager).

Is Prosper Show Really Worth Attending?

If you’re an Amazon Seller who is looking to take their business to the next level, then Prosper Show is definitely worth the visit:

  • Interact with and be inspired by other Amazon Sellers. Even something as simple as having lunch during the event means an opportunity to trade tips and experiences with other Sellers. For example, if you’re considering trying out a new technology to optimize your advertising on Amazon, other Sellers can tell you their honest experience with using that same technology.
  • Learn the latest trends and techniques from the leading experts. During the conference, you can attend additional panels and workshops on relevant topics like selling in different marketplaces or what metrics you should be tracking on your Amazon versus direct-to-consumer websites.
people presenting on stage at the prosper show 2022
A discussion panel at Prosper Show, where the topic was on the role of Artificial Learning in advertising and selling on Amazon
  • Test and try out new products before you commit to using them to grow your Amazon business. A lot of companies at Prosper Show offer exclusive discounts and incentives to try out their products before you sign up. Our company Mayan, for example, offers Free Advertising Audits for Amazon Sellers so that our potential customers can learn more about our advertising optimization tools and how we help them grow.
  • Networking, networking, networking. Did I mention that there are plenty of networking events and opportunities? The event doesn’t stop when it’s 5 pm, rather there are back-to-back events hosted by different companies and partners of Prosper Show. At Mayan, we hosted our own intimate dinner event where we got to meet entrepreneurs on Amazon.
  • Finally, it’s an opportunity to enjoy Las Vegas! After all, why not? You’re already making the trek to gain knowledge and insights at Prosper Show, but it doesn’t hurt to also be in a place that offers great restaurants, casino games, concerts, pool side bars, and more.

Several Takeaways

When my fellow colleagues attended Prosper Show in 2021, they learned how successful Amazon Sellers are at finding creative ways to drive traffic to their sites, and even how many businesses are using Amazon Influencers to promote their products

This year’s Prosper Show, we had the opportunity to go even deeper and learn additional insights. Here are some of the things we learned:

  • Ecommerce sites and Amazon are fundamentally different business models. One successful Amazon Seller shared his personal experience of how his business had to create different products to sell on Amazon, since successful products for dot com are not always successful on Amazon.
  • About the Amazon A9 algorithm and how to optimize your listing. One finding from this presenter’s team is that it is not enough to optimize keywords alone, but you have to optimize the experience of the customer. In other words, once you get them to the listing, you have to also think about how to keep them on the listing longer.
  • On Walmart, fake reviews are not allowed but incentivized reviews are fine as long as you are transparent about what you are doing to collect the review.
  • If your Amazon business is in a pinch, such as being suspended, you have to be proactive. You can tweet @AmazonHelp, but keep in mind that as a global company, they’re not yet optimized to address problems as efficiently. Make sure you’re talking to the right team, and be ready to ask a lot of questions.

What Should We Expect for Prosper Show 2023?

At this year’s Prosper Show, it was no surprise that one of the main topics of discussion were the pain points of shipping and operations. Likely, this will continue to be a huge topic for Prosper Show 2023.

Amazon’s developing advertising ecosystem, which is becoming more and more complex, will also likely continue to be a large theme. Sellers are encouraged to test all advertising types, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. Prosper Show is a great place to learn how you can delegate listing and advertising optimization to service providers and technology.

There’s also a prediction that Amazon will be creating more ways for sellers to portray their authenticity (such as badges). Should that be the case, it is likely that a lot of Amazon Sellers and companies will be diving into how to go about doing that, along with building credibility of your brand (for example gaining legitimate reviews).

Finally, we will likely continue to see aggregators attending Prosper Show 2023, where larger aggregators are starting to buy smaller players. For Amazon Sellers looking to eventually exit successfully, Prosper Show 2023 is a good place to learn how to go about doing that.

Interested in Attending Prosper 2023?

We’re looking forward to gearing up for Prosper Show 2023, and we hope to see you there! If you’re interested in learning about ticket discounts, as well as tips to optimize your advertising, subscribe to our blog and email updates.

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