Mayan Becomes an Official Amazon Ads Partner

April 13, 2022

We are excited and proud to announce that Mayan, a growth automation platform for Amazon Sellers, has officially joined the Amazon Ads Partner Network!

We are excited and proud to announce that Mayan, a growth automation platform for Amazon Sellers, has officially joined the Amazon Ads Partner Network!

What is the Amazon Ads Partner Network?

Amazon Advertising offers plenty of options to sellers when it comes to ways to advertise on the platform. However, as a business owner or operator much of a seller’s time should be focused more on building their brand and engaging with customers. This is why Amazon sellers often seek out and rely on Advertising platforms and specialists like us at Mayan. We help you grow your business.

The Amazon Ads Partner Network is a vetted global community of software and service providers that can help advertisers achieve their business goals using Amazon Advertising products. Amazon continues to rapidly develop its advertising inventory that sellers have access to, but it is still relatively new when compared to other advertising platforms available across the industry (Google, Facebook, etc). The Partner Network was only introduced as of July 2021 last year.

For Amazon sellers that are looking for ads support through partners, Amazon has a partner directory that serves as a great place to start. You can check out our official listing here in the directory. This partner directory lets Amazon sellers and advertisers browse for services such as campaign reporting or inventory management, and the directory includes partners located across the globe. You can also filter by products, services, or pricing model to find the partner that’s right for your business.

How did we get here?

Our mission at Mayan is to expedite entry and success in ecommerce. For Amazon sellers, getting your new product in front of consumers or growing your existing revenues is crucial to your business. We’ve proven for our customers that advertising can be a very effective tool to achieve these related goals. Joining the Amazon Ads Partner Network helps to further validate that we’re on the right track to fulfilling our mission.

Before being able to join the Amazon Ads Partner Network, we had to go through an application process to screen our capabilities, Amazon know-how, and track record. We earned this advanced partner status by demonstrating expertise, engaging with Amazon Ads, and delivering results for advertisers. 

What does this mean for Mayan now?

This newly minted status serves to demonstrate our expertise in Amazon Ads and our ability to meaningfully grow our customers’ brands on Amazon. 

The Partner Network also offers Mayan a number of specific benefits, including:

1. Dedicated library of resources, news, webinars, and events

Our engineering, product, and marketing teams will get a dedicated library of resources, user guides, latest release news, case studies, and partner-exclusive events. Under the always evolving ads ecosystem, having access to the latest releases and educational content will serve our team greatly.

2. Developer resources

Via the Partner Network, our engineering and technical teams will be able to access Amazon Advertising API information on new releases, and connect our Amazon Advertising API account directly to our Partner Network account.

3. Access to training and certifications

We’ll get access to Amazon Ads learning certifications that our team members can complete for continued learnings. The Amazon Advertising learning console offers a comprehensive list of these training modules and associated certifications for all our team members to validate and improve our proficiency in specific topics. Our Partner Network account will even include a new, company-level view of our teams’ certifications for tracking and reporting.

What does this mean for our customers?

The end beneficiary of the Amazon Ads Partner Network is really our customers. The advertising ecosystem is constantly evolving and running ads on Amazon is no different. Thus, we don’t expect Amazon sellers to be aware of all the latest updates and new advertising features day-to-day. Our customers have so many other important things going on to grow and run a business. Our customers entrust us to make sure their business is taking advantage of Amazon’s full advertising capabilities and do so cost efficiently.

The reason we’re so excited to join the network is because of this increased opportunity to improve our offerings to the Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs that we work with. Our team is excited to take advantage of upcoming new learnings and capabilities and pass them on for our customers’ benefit.

We’re proud of our team’s accomplishment here, especially having achieved it already during our nascent company history. If you’re a seller on Amazon, we’d love to help you grow your business and demonstrate our platform’s capabilities as a newly minted Amazon Ads Partner! Contact us.

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