How to Outsource for FBA Growth and Success

February 15, 2022
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In this guide, Mayan will dig into all things outsourcing talent so your business has the support it needs to grow.

Every successful seller on Amazon will eventually come to a crossroads. Either start working double (or triple) time to keep up with the demands of additional daily tasks to meet the needs of their growing business, or hire subject matter experts to manage them.

In this guide, Mayan will dig into all things outsourcing talent so your business has the support it needs to grow.

What is outsourcing?

Simply put, hiring an outside consultant, freelancer, agency, or service to manage portions of your business. These are typically individuals that are highly skilled in one or two specific areas of running a business, and are commonly referred to as “Subject Matter Experts”, or SMEs.

How will outsourcing help you run and expand your FBA business?

The biggest benefit to outsourcing talent is the ability to bring in a subject matter expert for any duration of time to perform a specific task aimed at growing your business. 

  • Specialized skills or equipment - When running your ecommerce business, you will come across some tasks that are highly specialized and require expert skills to complete quickly and successfully. 
  • Increase efficiencies at work - when you hire a subject matter expert, you’re bringing on their expert knowledge on a subject. This also translates to using their experience to complete complex tasks quickly and accurately, making your overall business more efficient.
  • Seasonal/temporary needs - For tasks that may be done in the short term and won’t require a full time hire, you can outsource for seasonal or temporary work.

What tasks can a newly successful Amazon seller outsource?

By taking some of these daily tasks off of your hands as a business owner, it will free you up to concentrate on growing your business. Think of hiring an outsourced expert as an investment in the future of your business as it will actually help you to generate more revenue in the long run.

  • Customer Service - This is an unavoidable and critical part of owning your own shop on Amazon. Responding quickly and cheerfully to customers can make or break your reputation. Hire a virtual assistant to respond almost instantly to customer service messages.
  • Product listing optimization - Find a freelance keyword researcher to ensure you’re including the right keywords to your product pages. This will ultimately increase how many target customers see your product in their search results, leading to increased sales.
  • Photography/Videography - Product imagery is another critical element of winning sales on Amazon. Without clear images or video that showcase all features and angles of a product, customers may look elsewhere for their purchase. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer will pay off down the road through improved sales volume.
  • Design - Hiring a freelance graphic designer to design materials like your image content, business cards, graphics, and more will bring your brand to the next level. It’s also important to note that the investment in content from a designer now can be used again and again after purchasing.
  • Paid Ad Campaigns - Find a digital marketing expert who can help you set up an ad-spend budget, ad campaign, and then test and monitor results to optimize for a positive ROI.

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