How to Find the Best Amazon Marketing Services To Boost Your Online Business

October 4, 2022

Ready to boost your Amazon business and trying to figure out how to find the right help with your marketing? Here we break down for you.

Imagine brands like Nike foregoing a marketing strategy and not advertising their classic swoosh and slogan ‘Just Do It’ across every billboard and commercial known to man. Would the retail giant have been as successful without a clever marketing and advertising strategy that would transcend time? Not very likely.

Just like marketing is vital to any retail shop, marketing is the foundation of an Amazon FBA private label brand. Marketing helps your online business gain visibility and reach across the world's largest online marketplace and beyond.

Sellers can hire Amazon marketing services to help leverage marketing strategies, including advertising tactics, to breathe life into their FBA businesses. In this guide, you’ll learn about the standard three types of Amazon marketing services you can employ to increase your visibility, reach, and sales.

What is an Amazon Marketing Service?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) combine advertising tools sellers can leverage to run and manage ads in their Amazon seller accounts. 

Though people now refer to AMS as the Amazon advertising console, it still consists of several advertising services like Sponsored Products, Amazon Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, Amazon Sponsored Brands, etc.

Amazon marketing services spawn more than just advertising from Amazon. Amazon marketing services provide sellers with advertising options through full-stack marketing, automation, and hybrid marketing. 

Each type of marketing agency affords sellers different benefits. Amazon marketing services may focus on the creative elements of establishing your marketing presence, they may fully automate your advertising experience through their proprietary software, or lastly, they may use a holistic approach to scaling your advertising strategy with a combination of software and personalized service. 

Sellers use the term Amazon marketing service interchangeably with Amazon advertising management when executing services to grow their reach. It's essential to understand what an Amazon marketing service entails to choose which service makes the most sense for your business.

How Can an Amazon Marketing Service Help You?

Your AMS account in seller central is easy to set up and makes it straightforward for you to manage your ads. But what if you need a little more help or have a large product catalog and are overwhelmed with ad campaigns, strategy, and structure? 

Three different types of marketing services non exclusive to Amazon can help you build an effective marketing strategy to leverage the best ads at exactly the right time.

What are the Three Standard Types of Amazon Marketing Services?

#1: Full-Stack Marketing Agency  

Using a full-stack agency to manage Amazon ads and campaigns can be helpful for newer sellers who are just learning the ropes from launch to scale. With this model, agencies run end-to-end advertising – from launch to management and sales to growth. These agencies can help you optimize your Amazon listings with the correct creative elements, keywords, and copywriting to increase your search appearance. They’ll provide you with all the ad strategies you need to thrive regardless of the intense competition.

#2: Automated Ad Software

Automated ad software allows third-party e-commerce advertising services to run campaigns on your behalf through your AMS account. With this model, the software wholly decides when to display your product ads and can create ad creatives using product details like the title and description. This software makes large catalogs more of a breeze, but there is less control as your ads are fully automated using technology.

#3: Hybrid Automation

With hybrid automation services, you can leverage the power of automation with targeted human insights to make the most of your campaigns. You can automate intricate processes while working one on one with a dedicated ad strategist to make adjustments when necessary. 

The Best Amazon Marketing Service Providers for Your Needs

Setting up and running advertising campaigns can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand the complex pay-per-click system, what rules to apply, and how to structure your campaigns seamlessly.

Here are our top three Amazon Marketing Service providers in 2022. Hopefully, one of these expert platforms can help you manage the full scope of your advertising needs.

Full Stack Agency - For full-service marketing and ad management, you can hire an Amazon ad agency to handle all the aspects of your Amazon marketing campaigns. Full-stack agencies offer listing optimization, video creation, keyword research, sponsored ads, and split testing to help you make the most of your online business. The only downside is that full-stack agencies may be incentivized to crank up your ad spend without informing you. They may not be specialized in Amazon advertising in particular because they're navigating many components of marketing at once.

Automated Ad Software - Numerous software solutions exist, which you can find on the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore. Depending on the solution, these software solutions can handle everything from campaign creation to execution and optimization. By combining artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, automated software helps brands get in front of exactly the right audience at exactly the right time. Like any AI technology, it's essential to understand that this is a fully automated system. Your interaction with a person will be limited unless you need to troubleshoot glitches and software-related issues.

Hybrid Automation Paired with Experts - What’s great about "hybrid" automation software - that is, experts who use in-house software - is that you are never left in the lurch with your campaigns and ad management. While pure software solutions can be helpful, it can be frustrating when you are unable to reach a real human being about a strategic question or a technological problem. Mayan offers a fully functioning hybrid service to optimize your advertising with data-driven automation leveraged by PPC experts.

Mayan Amazon marketing service helps sellers optimize advertising on their behalf, from designing optimal PPC campaigns to identifying the best keywords. A hybrid service like Mayan manages your ads with personalized expertise to drive the best results. A hybrid service is our favorite option in 2022, as we believe a hybrid approach offers the best results.

Final Thoughts

Before outsourcing your advertising to any Amazon marketing service, you should consider their compatibility with your online business, budget, track record, reviews, experience, and communication style. Evaluating these factors will help you find the best Amazon marketing service for your business.

While full-stack advertising agencies are impressive for their ability to take all your marketing concerns off the table, using a hybrid model can drive better results. 

With a hybrid model, you won’t only rely on software automation; you’ll be able to make adjustments in line with current market trends to make the best possible advertising decisions for your business.

If you’re interested in seeing what Mayan can do for your Amazon FBA business, sign up today. We’re excited to show you our platform and run an audit to show you the opportunities our platform can provide. Once we’re aligned on your goals, we can get started bringing your business to the next level. Ready to see how Mayan can help?
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