From MIT to Helping Amazon Sellers Optimize Revenue - Interview with Ernesto Reza of Mayan

June 9, 2022

CEO and Co-founder of Mayan, Ernesto Reza-Garduño, was hosted by Yoni Mazor from the Prime Talk Podcast, sponsored by GETIDA.

Ernesto Reza-Graduño, CEO and Co-founder of Mayan was interviewed recently on the Prime Talk Podcast, hosted by Yoni Mazor from GETIDA. Prime Talk Podcast focuses on ecommerce, entrepreneurship, business development, as well as self-improvement.

See the complete video here:

How Ernesto Co-Founded Mayan, a Tech Startup

During the discussion with Yoni from GETIDA, Ernesto described his journey to building a startup focused on helping Amazon Sellers build their brand, starting with being born and raised in Mexico City. He immigrated to the US when he was around 11 years old, and was highly influenced (and still is) by soccer. Ernesto decided to ultimately pursue education instead of playing soccer, where he graduated from MIT in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on entrepreneurship. At MIT is where he met his three other co-founders: Chris Compean, Armand Mignot, and Javier Garcia.

After MIT, Ernesto worked in data consulting, where he learned more about leveraging data as a competitive advantage. His path eventually led him to become the third employee at Thrasio, a major aggregator, and Ernesto became their first brand manager. 

Ernesto is passionate about attending international soccer tournaments, but they were unfortunately canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Instead, Ernesto decided to use his time to start his own company and pursue his passion for empowering small business owners. He pitched his idea to his co-founders, and Mayan was officially on its path to becoming a fast-growing tech startup.

Ernesto's Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

While entrepreneurship certainly isn't a walk in the park, Ernesto says it is also extremely fulfilling. His advice is to simply believe in your own unique life experiences, which will give you a competitive advantage. And most importantly, no matter how many books you read, the best way to learn is simply by doing it:

"That leap of faith is such a powerful barrier. Once you are actually in it [entrepreneurship] you get to learn so much. There is so much you can learn through theory, reading books, hearing stories, or even joining an early stage startup. [As a founder], the amount of responsibility and different ways you have to approach a situation in business, you can only get when you're in the mud." 

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