6 Customer Service Tips for FBA Sellers

June 15, 2021

Customer service is a crucial part of selling on Amazon. These tips should help you create positive relationships out of all experiences.

Customer service is an unavoidable part of selling on Amazon, but these tips should help even the most novice seller create positive relationships out of negative experiences. Making your customers feel valued and understood will lead to repeat buyers which will set you ahead of your competition.

Top Tips for Amazing Amazon Customer Service

1. Be Excited

No matter what the situation is that your customer is contacting you about, it is your job as an Amazon seller to try to make them leave the situation on a bright note.

Make sure to thank your customer for contacting you, tell them how excited you are to be helping them today, and stress that if they need any other assistance that you will be available to them.

2. Watch Your Phrasing

When communicating via email, chatbox, or responding to reviews, it’s crucial that as the seller you watch your phrasing. Negative phrasing can immediately destroy a customer relationship.

When you catch yourself only using negative phrases, take a moment of pause before sending your response. Keeping a positive tone, no matter what the situation, will lead to positivity coming from the customer as well.

  • Avoid using negative words like “never”, “don’t”, and “can’t”. Instead, turn your response into an action based positive response “I will check with my team to see if that’s a possibility”.
  • Turn the blame on yourself instead of the customer. Using “you” statements makes it seem as though it was the customer’s fault.

3. Setup Autoresponses

Setting up an autoresponder is a simple way to decrease the stress and anxiety an unhappy customer may be experiencing when they reach out and do not get in touch with someone. 

A templated email that states that their message or request was received and will be responded to within X hours is all it takes for them to have a bit of ease about their situation. Knowing that it went through to the right people makes all the difference when waiting with no response at all if your team is unavailable.

It’s easy to set up a system like this with an Amazon email forwarding system, or you can integrate a 3rd party tool like Zendesk.

4. Respond Quickly

You may have an autoresponder set up to let customers know that their request is being reviewed, but it is still incredibly important to quickly respond to all requests. We get it, things come up when you’re a growing business. But by no means should a request go unanswered for longer than 24 hours.

Responding quickly and effectively will increase the chances of your buyers coming back to you in the future and leaving positive reviews.

5. Smile Through the Phone

If you offer customer service via phone - then this tip is for you. 

Not only will this put you in a positive mindset when responding in the moment to a customer, but it can improve your brand perception, again, increasing the chances of the buyer coming back to you for future purchases.

6. Be empathetic

When communicating with an upset customer, it’s important to remember that they are coming to you for a solution. When you respond to them, make it clear that you can feel their pain. At the end of the day, the goal is for the customer to see you as a helpful friend, not a cold enemy.

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