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March 21, 2022
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Mayan was built to align Amazon sellers with your business objectives - at all stages.

If you found yourself here today, then you’re likely looking for advice in the world of selling on Amazon. Maybe you’re a first time seller, looking for tips and tricks to launch your FBA store to the top and get your first online sales. Or maybe you have an established store on Amazon and are looking to successfully exit and move on to your next adventure.

No matter where you are in your Amazon seller journey, you came to the right place. Our team has been there. We are founded by experts in the space who have years of FBA experience. 

We launched this resource for you, our network of Amazon sellers. If this is your first time on our website, let us tell you a bit more about why we built this tool with FBA in mind.

Who is Mayan?

Mayan was built to align Amazon sellers with your business objectives - at all stages. Our core focus is to leverage the full power of data and create the most all inclusive, go-to-source for Amazon-FBA and e-commerce systems.

How will Mayan support you?

Our well rounded team is set to transform the current FBA space. Between data analysis, data engineering, digital advertising/marketing, supply chain, and operational experience, we are the experts in our respective fields. We aim to share that expertise in an effort to help you achieve your seller goals at all stages, from launching to exiting.

What can I expect from the Mayan Blog?

Mayan Blog is the leading source of intelligence, with a focus on ecommerce, for sellers utilizing FBA. We forecast category and market trends, share consumer insights, and showcase operational successes to support and empower a network of Amazon sellers — with a key focus on FBA. 

Look for upcoming articles from our experts, and if there’s a topic you have a question on or want us to cover, send us a note at blog@mayan.co.

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